Cajons is one of the most versatile and amazing instruments in the percussion family. Origin of this masterpiece is dated back in the 16th century widely used by Afro-Peruvian which reached its peak in popularity around the mid 18th century. This six-sided instrument would look the same if compared to others but their construction and material can bring a great difference of depth in them. It can be played with both hands and feet by striking its surface or head. When the instrument originated was only a wooden box, it was in the 19th century when Cajon players started experimenting with this instrument and made some additions which resembled a snare drum.


Bajaao has a huge collection of Cajons to provide you with the sound you are looking for. The most respected names like Pearl, Clapbox, Remo, Vault, Sela and many others have put their constant effort to add new features and advancements to make it sound brighter or deeper based on the feedback of all Cajon players. Cajons these days are used by every musician to get the rhythm and now we have enough excellently crafted designs each possessing a unique sound to suit every player. Cajons can also be connected to PA or amplifier and have proper EQ for your listeners while performing live. With all the advancements made and features, it can be a difficult task to choose the sound you are looking for. To ease your search you can even speak to our percussion specialist, their knowledge on drums and percussion will help you find the one you are looking for. 

How much does a Cajon cost?

Cajons are a pretty simple instrument you’ll ever see. Its compact design, playability and sound make it stand out. Cajon for beginners start from 4000 in India and goes on to 30k depending on its features, wood construction and attachments.

How do you fix a Cajon snare?

Adjusting the screws on the front striking surface can tune or detune the snare inside the box. If you are facing some other major issue like the snare strings are broke on the inside or so, then you need to contact your service provider for it to be resolved.


Can you tune a Cajon?

Yes, The Cajon’s snare can be adjusted by tightening the screws on the front striking surface or faceplate. You can experiment with it to find the perfect tone which suits you.


What is a good Cajon?

Cajon is a wooden box-like rectangular instrument which can be played by striking on the six of thee sides, each side produces a different sound. Hitting it on the top of the faceplate (Front surface) produces a slapping sound and a very little lower you get the snare sound, on the centre and the lower surface you get the bass sound. To make it easier for you we have listed below the best Cajon for beginners to buy online.



Which is the best Cajon to buy?

There are many kinds of Cajons Drum available in the market. Cajons has the whole drums packet in a compact size. This six-sided box instrument is not that expensive, so it won’t require much to get the best quality for beginners. All you need is something that sounds great, is durable and works well so we did a small research and have listed below some of the best Cajons to buy.


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