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Kala Brand Music Co. has been an innovative music instrument manufacturer dedicated to producing well-made but affordable ukuleles. They are an amazing option for people who need quality ukulele at amazingly low prices. Kala is the perfect choice for people who are more serious about playing a quality ukulele without spending a lot of money.

Kala offers a wide range of ukuleles, including soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass models. They also produce specialty ukuleles, such as travel ukuleles, acoustic-electric ukuleles, and even a line of ukuleles made from exotic woods.

Kala Ukuleles are known for their quality craftsmanship, affordable prices, and wide range of options to suit players of all skill levels. The brand has become very popular among ukulele players around the world, and many professional musicians use Kala Ukuleles on stage and in the studio.

The Kala Satin Mahogany Series has become an industry standard since it was introduced in 2005. These ukuleles are made of Mahogany which offers a full, rich sound.  Makala line of Ukulele is simply the best entry level ukes. Sound and playability usually suffer at these affordable prices, but not with Makala. Fantastic sound and looks and easy on the wallet. Available in all sizes. The Waterman ukulele pays homage in part to the legendary ukulele designer, Mario Maccaferri. Inspired at the 1939 World’s Fair he saw plastic as the material of the future. Mario eventually combined his skills as a luthier and his business of injection molding and invented the Maccaferi Ukulele.