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In  2011 Bajaao launched Vault, with the sole purpose of getting quality instruments to budding musicians and hobbyists at a competitive price. Today Vault has become one of the fastest growing brands in just the last few years. Bajaao ensures that the Vault guitars are manufactured from the finest luthiers in China who are also responsible for the production of some of the best guitars for Ibanez and ESP! 

Vault offers premium instruments and accessories at really affordable prices. Vault products are now being used in a number of studios and stage performances. Vault products have emerged as a result of close study of the needs of musicians and hence meet the need of the market.  Every guitar is designed to have universal appeal, every component is selected to be of the finest quality, giving you unexpected value and a great playing experience. The brand's designers are long-standing free masons who believe in the sharing of traditional knowledge. Vault guitars use techniques and components found only in high-end guitars usually costing five times as much.