Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kits


BAJAAO presents the immensely popular and best-selling electronic drum kits from around the world at your disposal for home and studio. Now you can play as much as you want without worrying about complaining neighbours and without compromising the sound quality at the same time. These compact drum kits give an excellent scope of customization, offer a variety of drums and percussion sounds with single equipment and don’t require much maintenance, so they are both versatile and economical. At Bajaao you’ll find drum kits from the best manufacturers from around the world like Alesis, Behringer, Pearl, Roland, Zoom and Sound X. Buy the best Electronic Drum Kits online with with the best and most affordable price in India. Make your shopping experience a wonderful one with us. 

Electronic drum kits are really very quiet to play, that’s because of the rubber pads and mesh heads. These rubber pads or mesh heads are well equipped with sensors underneath so that it senses the touch and provides you sound. The sound module then translates that value to trigger a particular sound, maybe anything drum or cymbals.

Electronic drums come with a lot of pros which are worth considering, like silent play, portability, compatibility, recording flexibility and much more. Traditional percussionists may encounter a few issues while starting up, a daily practice should make it perfect. BAJAAO carries a whole range of electronic drum kits from Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis. No matter what your budget or your musical style, we’ve got you covered.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

So finally you’ve decided to go for an electronic drum kit, maybe due to noise constraint, or space issue or budget. Luckily we have put together the best beginners electronic drum kits that suit any beginner and are affordable.

Is it better to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Drums are easy to learn and difficult to master. Acoustic drums have their own feel and class, which cannot be compared to an electronic drum kit. Electronic drum kits won’t feel the same as playing an acoustic drum kit. Acoustic kits would make you work harder, unlike E-kits. If you are choosing an Electronic drum kit due to noise issues or space issues then it's totally fine. But if you wish to pursue drumming as a profession then Electronic kits are not recommended.

How much does an electronic drum set cost?

Basic electronic drum kits come between 25k to 70k in India. Brands like Roland, Alesis, Behringer, Carlsbro have something special in store for both beginners and professionals.

Are electric drums good for beginners? 

Electronic drum kits are built with features like silent play so that you do not disturb your family or neighbour, easy portability, and recording feature which makes it ideal for beginners. It doesn’t require tuning, and the drum module is loaded with tons of pre-sets and tones, all that you need to do is, start practising right out of the box.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Bajaao offers a 15 day return policy, which is better than the 10-day exchange policies commonly found at most online marketplaces or retailers.  You can also call Bajaao’s highly skilled product specialists at +9122-42035353 for any product clarification or after-sales queries.  In addition to having the largest catalog of products in the industry, Bajaao is also currently the only retailer that provides a Free 2 year warranty service and Lifetime Tech Support.