Portable Keyboards

Portable Keyboards

 Portable Keyboards

Portable Keyboards are the most popular type of keyboards. They are well known for their features, affordability & portability. 

They come in various lengths and sizes, and include a variety of digital sounds and accompaniment features. 

They usually have built-in speakers, and battery operation is common with smaller models. 

What are the Main Features of Portable Keyboards?

  • Built-In Speakers
  • Number of Presets - including tones and accompaniments for Indian tones
  • Headphone Jack for Silent Practice
  • 61 Keys - Ideal for beginners 
  • Touch sensitive keys - Touch Sensitive is when playing softly results in quieter volume and playing harder results in louder volume. 

What size Keyboard should you buy for Adults - and ages 10+ ?

61 keys are said to be the standard-sized keyboard for beginners. This size is enough to play almost any kind of music.

Smaller keyboards have lesser octaves (fewer keys) which might limit your playability.(Keyboards below 61 keys are only recommended for kids to build up their interest & also due to smaller fingers.)

What size Keyboard should you buy for Kids - age below 10?

Kids Keyboards are popularly available with 32 keys/ 37 keys/ 44 keys/ 49 keys.

These Keyboards have smaller keys that are perfect for kids and are packed with great sounds and onboard practice songs.

What size Keyboard to buy for a beginner? 

Keyboards with 61 keys are said to be the best for beginners. Also, having features like Built-in Speakers & Touch Sensitivity are essential for beginners. 

Which are the most popular Portable Keyboards for Kids?

Here are some popular Portable Keyboards for Kids.


    Which are the most popular Portable Keyboards for Beginners?

    Here are some popular Portable Keyboards for Beginners.

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