Electro Acoustic Guitars

Electro Acoustic Guitars

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Electro Acoustic Guitar

BAJAAO brings to you the best range Electro Acoustic Guitars, also known as the Acoustic Electric Guitar or Semi-Electric guitar in layman terms from all over the world. Versatile in design, the Electro-Acoustic Guitar is known for its smooth sound and powerful projection. At its core, an Electro Acoustic guitar is acoustic in style fitted with a pickup, allowing its sound to be amplified as it can now be plugged into an amplifier, and its sound can also be enhanced with effects as its sound can pass through effect pedals.

Electro Acoustic guitars can also be played “un-plugged” like an acoustic guitar. Therefore Electro acoustic guitars provide additional optionality of being an acoustic guitar and also an electric guitar.

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How are Electro Acoustic Guitars different from Acoustic Guitars?

Electro Acoustic guitars are the same as Acoustic guitars with just 1 added feature/difference. The difference lies in the Electronic pickup fitted onto the guitar. This pickup device captures the audio signals of the guitar (similar to a microphone capturing audio signals of a singer) and allows you to connect your guitar to an amplifier to amplify its sound, connect effects pedals or guitar processors to get your desired sound.

If you want to play your acoustic guitar with a band, you really need an electro acoustic guitar, simply to be heard above the sound of other louder instruments such as drums and percussion.


What is the Standard Tuning for Acoustic Guitars?

Same as Acoustic Guitars, The standard tuning is E-A-D-G-B-E.


What are the main advantages of Electro Acoustic Guitars?

While Electro-Acoustic Guitars do the same job when compared to acoustic guitars, Electro-Acoustic Guitars come with a lot of benefits.
- They can be connected to an amplifier (which is great if you wish to perform live)
- Use for recording (You can connect your Electro Acoustic Guitar to your computer using a sound card/ Audio Interface, and start recording your music)


Can I play an Electro Acoustic guitar without an Amplifier?

Yes, Electro-Acoustic Guitars do not necessarily require an amplifier to produce a sound, unlike electric guitars. Hence, It can be used without a Guitar Amp.


Are Electro Acoustic Guitars good for beginners?

Absolutely! Benefits like - Amplifying sound, Playing Live on stage, Recording your guitar, etc, will definitely be useful in the near future of your learning journey.


How much does an Electro-Acoustic Guitar cost?

Electro-Acoustic Guitars generally start at a price range of Rs. 5000 - Rs. 6000. Please, keep in mind, These are entry level - beginner guitars which have an All Laminate construction. Prices can go higher, depending on the brand, quality and included accessories.
Higher priced / Premium guitars are made with premium quality materials and unique tonewoods, which results in a better sounding guitar.


What are the top recommended Acoustic Guitar brands? 

Recommended Brands include - Vault, Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Cort, Tanglewood and many more.

Popular Acoustic Guitar recommendations include -





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