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About Us

BAJAAO (www.bajaao.com) is India's largest direct online retailer for musical instruments and pro audio equipment.  We also offer a wide range of services to the music entertainment industry.

The BAJAAO brand is well known for our focus on customer service and it has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. BAJAAO maintains very healthy tie-ups with India's top performing individual artists, bands and music producers and we vow to deliver the same service to all musicians in India. Our vision is to dominate all aspects of the music industry including music creation, production, education, consumption, artist relations, curation and culture.

BAJAAO was started in 2005 by founder and CTO Ashutosh Pande, a young professional with experience in e-commerce technologies and a burning interest in music. Starting with zero capital and a simple business plan, he succeeded in growing BAJAAO into the leading online retailer in the music industry. BAJAAO has worked with many reputable brands including Walt Disney Studio, Sony Music, Vishesh Films, Pepsi MTV Indies, Harman Professional India, and Gibson. In 2012, Music Trades Magazine, USA, ranked BAJAAO.com among the world's top 20 music retailers.

Our Entertainment division conceptualised and executed India’s first full-scale two-day heavy metal festival ‘BIG69’ in Mumbai (January 2015), bringing down several international and Indian bands to play across three stages.

In January 2015, Austin Bazaar founder Suman Singh took over as CEO of BAJAAO, bringing in his valuable experience in scaling up fast growing companies. Under his watch, BAJAAO has grown over 350% in 2015-16. We look forward to continuing our accelerated growth and fulfilling our vision for the company.