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Frequently Asked Questions About Flutes

What is a Flute?

The flute is a whole family of musical instruments belonging to the woodwind family.  It is a Reedless wind instrument that makes music from the movement of air, unlike a saxophone which has reeds.

What are the different types of Flutes?

The main types of Flutes include - The traditional Indian Bansuri, The Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Wooden Flute, Eb Scale Soprano Flute, C Scale Flute, and Plastic Flute.

Which is the most popular type of Flute for beginners?

The C Scale Flute, also known as the Western Concert Flute, is the most popular type of flute.

However, this only means, the most commonly used scale is C. A Flutist can easily play and adapt to any type of flute.

How much does a Flute cost?

Good quality Flutes can start around a price range of 4000. This is the minimum recommended price range for a beginner to get a quality Flute.

What are the Top Brands for Flutes?

Havana, Pluto, Jupiter & Thomann are some of the recommended brands for beginner/intermediate level Flutes.  

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