Standard and Premium Warranty Plans


Standard Manufacturer Warranty plans accompany most products sold on, and are separate from Bajaao’s Premium Warranty Plan. Details of both Standard and Premium Warranty appear below.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty is available on most products sold on Terms can vary significantly from brand to brand. Terms and Conditions of Standard Warranty accompany your product purchase, and the terms and conditions are often included in the box by the manufacturer. Terms and Conditions will typically include the scope of coverage, duration of coverage from purchase date, and contact information for servicing products in India. When availing Standard Warranty, it is the customer's responsibility to deal directly with the manufacturer, or the manufacturer’s service center mentioned on the standard warranty terms accompanying your product. In most cases, a proof of purchase will be required by the service center, which will be a copy of your Bajaao invoice. Customers may incur additional charges to ship products to service centers, or may be required to physically drop off and pick up their products to and from the manufacturer's designated service center.

To make it easier for customers to avail Standard Warranty after-sales support, Bajaao provides, and periodically updates, a list of manufacturers with their after sales phone, and service center contact details. If you have a product that you believe is within the standard warranty period and scope, and need to contact the manufacturer’s after-sales support line or service center, please see an updated contact list here.


To ensure peace of mind and provide a more secure and consistent product experience compared to the various standard warranty plans, Bajaao provides its own premium warranty plan for select products. If available for a product, customers have the option to select "Premium Warranty" options (either 1 or 2 years) on the relevant product page during purchase. Products will come with a Bajaao “Premium Warranty Card” which is your certificate of purchase that includes the product covered, the duration of coverage (one or two years), Bajaao’s Premium Warranty contact phone information, and your warranty contract’s terms and conditions.

How it works:

Terms and condition:

Warranty Type: 1 Year and 2 Years Premium Warranty Plans only

Items not covered in BAJAAO Premium Coverage Plan:



How to Claim Warranty?

To claim Premium Warranty, customers need to retain the warranty certificate that is shipped with the product that was covered. Customers simply give Bajaao a call at the number on your Premium Warranty card +91-22-61235353 (9AM - 9PM) and allow our Premium Service Engineers to take it over from there.