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Behringer ECM8000 Microphone

Shop Brand : Behringer

Rated 5.0/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Behringer ECM8000 Microphone has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
  • Behringer ECM8000 Microphone

    Small-diaphragm omni with ultra-flat response!

    BAJAAO India introduces the Behringer ECM8000 Microphone. The Behringer ECM8000 is a microphone with linear frequency response and and omnidirectional polar pattern that allow you to carry out measurement and alignment tasks with minimum hassle and maximum precision. The ECM8000 mic is a perfect complement for any realtime analyzer. It operates on 15-48V phantom power and its rugged construction ensures years of trouble-free use.

    Professional Tip: The Behringer ECM8000 also makes an amazingly good acoustic guitar and vocal microphone!

    Behringer ECM8000 Microphone Features:

    • Extremely linear frequency response from 15Hz to 20kHz
    • Electret condenser technology
    • Well-balanced, true omnidirectional characteristic
    • Optimally suited for acoustic measurement applications
    • Especially effective on acoustic guitars and vocals
    • Harmonizes perfectly realtime analyzers
    • Phantom powered, +15V to +48V
    • Delivered in a rugged hard case with microphone clip and stand adapter.
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