Behringer Feedback Destroyer Eurocom TN6232

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Behringer Feedback Destroyer Eurocom TN6232

Requiring no advance setup or tuning, the fully automatic TN6232 is an elegant plug-and-play solution with detection accuracy to within 1/6 of a cycle. With ultra-quick, highly accurate DSP that selects and applies up to 32 filters per channel, the unit instantly detects and stops acoustic feedback, and it's effective on both music and speech. Two independent audio channels process stereo or separate zone signals, while the extremely narrow filters retain your overall signal integrity. Behringer is one of the world's top feedback suppressors manufacturers - put the Eurocom TN6232 on feedback patrol, and rest easy.


  • Dual-channel feedback suppression processor designed for fully automatic and zero-configuration setup
  • Offers up to 10dB increase in system gain
  • Instantly detects and stops acoustic feedback. Highly effective with both speech and music
  • Ultra-fast and highly accurate DSP selects and applies up to 32 filters per channel
  • Two fully independent audio channels to process stereo or separate zone signals
  • Extremely narrow filters (up to 1/30th octave) to retain overall signal integrity
  • Two balanced/unbalanced inputs on combination line level XLR/TRS and 3-pin Euroblock connectors
  • Hinged front door panel covers the control surface
  • Control surface includes suppression and filter reset buttons plus the power switch
  • Rack ear screw covers, IEC-type AC power cord and all mating Euroblock connectors included
  • Ultra-light, ultra-low noise, and ultra-efficient switch-mode power supply
  • Noise-free audio, superior transient response, and low power consumption
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.


Number of Channels 2
Number of Filters 32
Inputs 2 x XLR/TRS Combo
Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.7"
Depth 7.6"
Width 19"
Weight 4.6 lbs.


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