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Drum Pedals

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Bajaao brings to you the ultimate companion of your drum kit, the drum pedals. For many drummers, the traditional single pedal is the perfect solution. These precision-crafted pedals are available in various weights and actions, allowing you to choose the most intuitive feel for your own play style. With something that acts as an extension of your foot, that natural feeling is essential. While the single pedal is a great choice, some drummers need a little more speed. If you play fast-paced music like rock and metal, a double pedal is probably more to your style. With a pedal under each foot, these double sets allow you to unlock the full potential of your bass drum. The pedal itself is only half the equation: the other half—and equally important—is the beater itself. Plenty of different beaters are available to go with your pedal of choice. Whether you're choosing a beater to go with your new pedal, replacing one that's worn out or just looking for a beater that will give your drum a different sound, the choice is yours. Choose the best pedal for the way you play and your sound will thank you for it. Call our experts to find out the best product to suit your style and need at the lowest prices in India.
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