Sabian Vault J. Degrasso Ride Cymbal 23"

Sabian Vault J. Degrasso Ride Cymbal 23"

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Sabian Vault J. Degrasso Ride Cymbal 23"

 Sabian Vault J. Degrasso Ride Cymbal 23"SABIAN has introduced the 23" Limited Edition OverRide cymbal.

With a production run of 200 pieces, the over-sized model was designed for hard rock drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, whose credits include Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth, and current gig, Ministry. Weighing in around 9 lbs., 12oz., this heavy model features a raw 8" power bell and combines intense HH and HHX hammering styles for a sound that is dark and rich, but solid and cutting.

The 23" size and overall design make the OverRide ideal for drummers wanting powerful stroke definition and a super-loud bell. This cymbal is designed to be loud and deliver consistently crisp and clear strokes, but not sound overly heavy. In fact, you can even accent by crashing on the edge. "I played SABIAN many years ago, but I switched back because this is the one company that not only knows how to make great cymbals, they design amazing sounds," DeGrasso said. "This OverRide is a great example of that innovation. The solid feel, dark tone, and great stick response make it ideal for rock. And the bell is huge! No matter how loud the band gets, with that 8" power bell, its impossible not to be heard. As a ride for rock and metal, this cymbal has it all its the best ride Ive ever played." The Limited Edition OverRide is handcrafted by SABIAN artisans using B20 cast bronze.

Sabian Jimmy DeGrasso Limited Edition Override Features:

  • Limited Edition run of 200 cymbals
  • Size: 23"
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Metal: B20 bronze

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