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Vault C8 8-Inch Powered Studio Monitors - Pair

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All Vault products come with 2 years standard warranty*
*Warranty is not applicable on cables and accessories.

Vault C8 8 Inch Powered Studio Reference Monitor Speakers

Vault monitor speakers provide you great bang for your buck, they have components and features normally found only in high-end products that are much more expensive. By selling direct from factory to customer, Vault bypasses distributor and retailer markups, passing on large savings to customers. The result is a quality and feature-rich product at a truly value Price.

The Vault Monitors are designed and tested by audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring environment. It is focused on the functional goal of delivering pure, original sound without any additional colouration regardless of the genre of music you listen to. They are self-powered, directly accepting a line-level signal from a variety of sources. Vault Monitors deliver a wide-range frequency response and uses a unique crossover technology. It boasts a stable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined mid and high-frequency range as well. For professional engineers at commercial studios to home studio owners, Vault Powered Studio Reference Monitors set a whole new affordable standard in studio monitoring market.

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Model Vault C8 Presonus Eris E8 KRK RP8 RoKit G3
Price per Pair. ₹24,999/- ‎₹ 44,900/- ‎₹47,999/-
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
Speaker Size 8" 8" 8"
Tweeter Size
1.25" Inch shielded 1.25" (31 mm) Tweeter with silk dome 1" Soft dome Tweeter
Frequency Range 38 - 22Khz 35 - 22Khz 35 - 35Khz
Power Output 130 Watts 130 Watts 100 Watts
Bass Reflex Port Rear Ported Front Ported Front Ported
Input Balanced XLR input and
Balanced 6.3 mm jack input
XLR and Jack (balanced) as well as RCA (unbalanced) RCA, XLR and 6,3 mm jack
Magnetic Shielding
Manual Frequency Correction
Auto Standby Function X

Kevlar driver

Vault C series monitors, Low-frequency drivers are made out of Kevlar which allows the speaker drivers to perform under pressure. Kevlar gives you that tight sound you seek in studio monitors.

Silk dome tweeter

The silk dome tweeters take care of reproducing high and upper-mid frequencies (treble) for the monitors, giving you crisp and clear high-frequency sound, making your music sound exceptionally good.

Acoustic room switch

The rear panel houses an acoustic room switch which allows you to tune your speakers to your room. If your setup is in a smaller space and the sound gets boomy, flip the switch to -4db and enjoy good quality sound minus the extra room resonance.

Multiple Input connections

C series monitors allow you to connect either an XLR input source or a line level source, choose from either to connect it to various output devices.

Free Acoustic Foam pads

Inside the box get a pair of acoustic foam pads to reduce vibrations produced by the speaker after kept on your desk. Place one monitor on each pad to enjoy clean Music without any extra furniture vibrations.

In the box

  • One pair of C8 Monitors
  • Power cable
  • Acoustic Foam pads for speaker isolation
  • User manual
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