9 Signs That Prove You Were Born To Be A Guitarist

By February 22, 2016

Do you find yourself tapping your foot on a 7/4 time signature when a prog rock song comes on? Do you make ‘passionate’ (read: weird) faces with those sweet note bends? Do you catch yourself doing all of this in a public place? Well then, whether you know it or not, you were born to be a guitarist. Trust us. We’ve been there, done that! Here are some of the sure shot signs which prove you were born to play guitar: 1. You can’t help moving your fingers to a song: You always move your fingers with the riff or the solo; sometimes trying to figure out the notes in public places and sometimes people think it’s something lewd. You just don’t care. You should! 2. Your fingertips are numb and scraped: After those long hours of intense practise sessions, you fingertips are totally numb with peeled off skin. You always show your non-musician friends how you don’t feel anything on your fingertips, don’t you? Well you’re a bigger show off then we thought (kidding!..............or not?) 3. DO NOT ASK FOR A GUITAR PICK: One of the most annoying things for us is another guitarist asking for a pick. ADMIT IT! No matter how careful a person you are, if you are a guitarist, you WILL lose picks. 4. You make faces, weird ones: You are walking home with your iPod plugged in and that sweetest note bend kicks in. You make a passionate face without realizing it but people look at you confused or even disgusted (depending on your expression). If this hasn’t happened to you yet, IT WILL. Take our word for it. 300px-John_Frusciante

Dat face, courtesy John Frusciante

5. You hate hip-hop, EDM and what not: Some non-musician tells you they like hip-hop or EDM or electronic and THAT’S IT! It was a mistake saying that in front of you. Enough said. 6. You learn to live life from your guitar idols: You haven’t just bought tutorial DVDs of your favourite guitarist, but you actually try to do everything they do. 7. You’re most comfortable on stage: The only place in your life where you feel comfortable and actually have fun is on stage, in front of your audience! 8. The only shopping you do is related to guitar: You don’t shop for clothes or shoes or anything less important. You know it’s always better to invest in better equipment. You have a dream rig. Each penny spent on anything other than equipment takes you a little away from your dream rig. 9. You’re in a relationship with your equipment: Remember how you feel a burn when a friend asks for your guitar for a gig and returns it with a minor scratch? The way you see it, it might be the last mistake he ever made. There you go! You have been born to play guitar if all this has happened to you; and take our word for it, this will keep happening to you. That being said, get your guitar out, practise harder and you can show everyone your skills. Until next time! Get some slamming deals on acoustic and electric guitars here -

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