A Feature-packed Arranger Keyboard!

By October 09, 2015

Grab the extremely versatile Korg Pa900 arranger and start creating your next masterpiece. With so many styles of music reaching our ears these days, there's just not enough time to become proficient in all of them - that is until arranger keyboards such as the Korg PA900 came on the scene. You get over 400 backup music styles, over 1100 sounds, built-in effects, and much more. A large, color 7" TouchView display makes it easy to navigate every aspect of your projects. The Korg Pa900 has the tools, sounds, and features you need to make your musical creations come to life! Korg Pa900 61-key Arranger Keyboard at a Glance:
  • Ultra-realistic sound engine
  • Onboard vocal processor by TC Helicon
  • Over 400 musical styles for a ton of songwriting potential
Ultra-realistic sound engine Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) system deliver lifelike sounds with the most subtle nuances and articulation. You get a richer, more detailed, sophisticated natural sound than ever before with musical instruments from almost every genre exploding with depth, nuance, subtlety, accuracy and richness. Onboard vocal processor by TC Helicon To be sure that the vocal processing and harmonies of the Pa900 were the best possible, the Pa900 includes as standard the world acclaimed TC Helicon Voice Processor. This features EQ and professional quality effects (Compressor, Reverb, Delay), designed and shaped specifically for vocals. These effects, combined with the built in 3-voice harmonizer and dedicated high quality mic preamp, ensure your vocals have the highest possible sound quality. The most important controls to keep your voice under control are available in the panel and in the display's main page. Simply connect your microphone and start performing! Over 400 musical styles for a ton of songwriting potential You'll find over 400 professionally-created music styles in the Korg Pa900, and it's easy to make them your own. Each style has three intros/endings, four variations, and four fill in/breaks. Once you've found your favorite styles, you can store your favorites and your user-created styles in storage for easy recall. Korg Pa900 61-key Arranger Keyboard Features:
  • Professional arranger keyboard with over 400 music styles and over 1100 sounds
  • Large, color 7" TouchView display makes it easy to navigate your project
  • Enhanced RX and DNC sound engine gives you natural-sounding performances and instruments
  • Built-in MP3 player, with Transpose and Tempo Change so you can play along in any key and tempo you like
  • Vocal Remover removes vocals from MP3 files using center-channel cancellation
  • 20W dual-speaker sound system built in
  • Fully-programmable SongBook database

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