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By June 16, 2015

Stagg products are made for precision, established in 1995; Stagg is dedicated to bring the high quality musical instruments and accessories to the entire musician catering to all types, at the most affordable price. Right from brass and woodwind to basses and guitars, with drums and cymbals to keyboards and piano benches are designed with accurate precision and specification by Stagg team of specialists at their Head-quarters in Belgium. Made with peculiar meticulousness, Stagg products have now made its way to India allowing our country’s musicians to get the perfect companions at an affordable price! One of the most legendary Stagg products is – Stagg Guitars. Of course, Stagg Guitars doesn’t appeal to you as a Fender or Gibson would, Stagg makes its market on efficiency and affordability. For beginners that are starting out their musical journey and are not brand conscious but rather focus on getting best products for an affordable price, Stagg makes the ideal companion. With Stagg’s establishment in 1995, Stagg introduced a large product line that includes acoustic, electric and bass guitars as their prime focus. However, other products such as string instruments (mandolins, banjos, etc.), drums & cymbals and other professional audio equipment have also been setting a bar with its clarity and competence. Percussions have also began to build a fan base of its own, however it is the cymbals that have had a booming fan-base since the launch of hand-hammered Furia and Myra series. Although, Stagg Products aren’t your usual brand, they do offer a good price-to-quality ratio which helps people to choose better products with great output at an affordable price. This is especially made for those who would want to spend an obscene amount for their first instrument but get the most of their money. Stagg’s electric and acoustic range is especially handmade and built for excellent sound quality, and they get wonderful reviews on the brilliant sound and craftsmanship. Most beginners consider Stagg products an ideal learning guitar and hold on to the same for a while or move on to a more efficient one as they start playing seriously. With novices and experts opting for Stagg all the same, Stagg guitars are the model choice for any musician. The sleek and creative designs are also a plus point with the best sound quality. And ideal pitch that Stagg products bring out that is compatible with metal, blues or even jazz. With artists like Serch (BEAR) that are always on the hunt to find the perfect cymbal for loud and crisp sounds that makes his gig a perfect one! It was only after being introduced Myra series, Serch finally got his wishes fulfilled. The Legendary Mark Schulman also relies on Stagg Products for the best sound quailty and performance! Pete Lockett is completely awstruck by Stagg’s Stylish Hard Cases, since he is mostly on the road, safety is his top priority. Which is exactly why he chooses Stagg! Stagg products can do everything for everyone with a price range you can afford. If you just want to practice despite of not having a specific music style, Stagg is your friend. Bajaao definitely recommends Stagg! Buy Stagg products from – Stagg’s official distributors in India!

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