Exploring Taylor's Innovative Guitar Design: The Taylor Neck and Body Shape

By Kailash Pate March 07, 2023

Taylor Guitars has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality acoustic guitars for over 45 years. Their innovative approach to guitar design has been a major factor in their success, and one of the most unique features of their instruments is the Taylor neck and body shape. In this blog post, we'll explore how these design elements contribute to the sound and playability of Taylor guitars.

The Taylor Neck

The neck of a guitar is one of the most important factors when it comes to playability. A well-designed neck should feel comfortable and natural in the player's hand, allowing for fast and accurate playing. Taylor's neck design is one of the most unique and innovative in the industry, and it is a major factor in the popularity of their guitars.

One of the key features of the Taylor neck is its slim profile. This design allows for a faster playing experience and makes it easier to reach higher frets. Additionally, Taylor uses a unique system of fingerboard leveling called the "NT" neck, which stands for New Technology. This system uses a proprietary milling process to ensure that the fingerboard is perfectly level and the frets are precisely aligned. This results in a smooth, even playing surface that allows for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Another feature of the Taylor neck is its adjustable truss rod. This allows the player to adjust the neck's relief to their individual preferences, ensuring that the guitar plays perfectly for their style and technique.

The Taylor Body Shape

In addition to their innovative neck design, Taylor is also known for their unique body shapes. While many acoustic guitar manufacturers stick to traditional designs, Taylor has introduced a range of new shapes that offer improved sound and playability.

Taylor Guitars offers a range of body shapes that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of different players. Each body shape has a unique sound and feel, as well as specific characteristics that make it suitable for different types of music and playing styles. Here is an overview of the different body shapes of Taylor guitars:

Grand Auditorium (GA) -

The Grand Auditorium is Taylor's most popular body shape and is known for its versatility and balance. It has a slightly larger size than the Grand Concert, with a wider waist and a more pronounced curve in the lower bout. This body shape produces a well-rounded sound that is suitable for a wide range of playing styles, from fingerstyle to strumming.

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Grand Symphony (GS) -

The Grand Symphony is a larger, more powerful body shape that is designed to deliver a big, robust sound. It has a deeper lower bout and a shallower depth than the Grand Auditorium, which results in more volume and sustain. The GS is ideal for players who want a guitar that can handle heavy strumming and flatpicking.

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Grand Concert (GC) -

The Grand Concert is a smaller body shape that is designed for comfort and ease of playing. It has a narrower waist and a more compact size than the Grand Auditorium, which makes it ideal for players with smaller body frames or for those who prefer a more intimate playing experience. The GC produces a focused, articulate sound that is well-suited for fingerstyle playing.

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Dreadnought (DN) -

The Dreadnought is a classic body shape that is known for its big, bold sound. It has a broad, square-shouldered design that provides plenty of volume and projection, making it ideal for strumming and flatpicking. The Dreadnought is a popular choice for bluegrass and country music, but is also versatile enough to handle a wide range of other styles.

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Baby (BT) -

The Baby is a compact, 3/4 size body shape that is designed for portability and ease of playing. It has a unique shape that is smaller than the Grand Concert, with a shorter length, narrower waist, and shallower depth. The Baby produces a bright, balanced sound that is well-suited for travel, beginners, or players with smaller hands.

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Overall, the different body shapes of Taylor guitars offer a wide range of options for players with different preferences and playing styles. Whether you're looking for a big, powerful sound or a more intimate playing experience, there is a Taylor body shape that is perfect for you.


In conclusion, the innovative design of the Taylor neck and body shapes has made their guitars some of the most sought-after instruments on the market. The slim profile of the neck and the NT fingerboard leveling system allow for maximum comfort and accuracy, while the adjustable truss rod allows for individualized customization. The unique body shapes, such as the Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert, offer improved sound and playability compared to traditional designs. If you're looking for a guitar that offers exceptional playability and sound, a Taylor guitar is definitely worth considering.

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