Hohner Products Back on Public Demand!

By July 23, 2015

No matter which part of the world you stay in, if you are a musician there is absolutely no way you couldn’t have heard about Hohner Products! Known for their state of art design and features, Hohner has ruled the minds of musicians and the market since a very, very long time! Started out as a cottage industry, Hohner became one of the biggest names in Music Instruments in the world. This German Company was established in 1857 by Matthias Hohner who made 650 handmade harmonicas in its first year of its inception! Hohner quickly became a household name and was extremely popular with people, Matthias vowed to make Hohner the largest Harmonica factory in the world. To do this, he also gave harmonicas to the families of soldiers who fought in American Civil War. Over the world, tones of music lovers favor Hohner products than any other for the simple world class designs and state of art reliability. Hohner offers musicians, novice and expert alike the same outstanding quality, product design and cooperation made with specification to meet their needs. Artists from all genres worldwide prefer Hohner over any other because they can simply trust it! It’s not just Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder that love Hohner products; we know you love them too! Which is we have got back the best Hohner products in stock just for you! Hohner has many signature harmonicas that are best in class and just simply brilliant! But which really are the best harmonicas? You might have heard of the Hohner 1501BX Blues Band Harmonica C, this is a basic beginner’s harmonica, so to say, because it is simply so easy! All you need to do is breathe and 10 holes, four middle holes comprise a complete eight note octave in the harmonica plays melodies that are the most amazing ones you would ever hear! Designed especially for beginners that take keen interest in rhythm and blues, made in key of C, you can easily play this harmonica! On the other hand, you have the state of the art Honer 81BX Pocket Pal Harmonica that you can just toss into your pocketbook and carry it on the way without hassles. Not only is it easy to transport, it has other features too that are just amazing! Designed to provide clear, bright tome, Pocketpal comes with screw assembly designed for easy maintenance and recessed air plate to maintain tightness. To compliment your on-the-go music, you can even take a look at small yet brilliant Hohner 38 C Mini Harmonica, fits the palm of your hand and hangs on to your keychain. Like we mentioned earlier, 38 C is small, yet plays just as brilliantly like any other Hohner Product would! Comes with a strong chrome plated cover, 4 single holes and 8 reeds and last but not the least, it comes in a luxurious silk padded box! Why are Hohner Harmonicas better than others? Although Comb doesn’t really play a great role in sound when it comes to harmonicas, you need to know about the comb material being used in the harmonicas you choose. There are 4 types of comb materials, i.e., Wood, Plastic, Plexiglass and Metal. Hohner Harmonicas such as Marine Band and Chromonica 270 have high quality wood comb material which makes the sound warm and better as some claim. Plastic comb material is easy to handle, Metal comb material on the other hand sounds exactly like Plastic but is a tad bit expensive than others. Hohner also keeps in mind the beginners which is why they offer the standard C key, primarily for Diatonic. Hohner Harmonicas come loaded with features as such, which makes them complete different than others in the same category. Hohner has had a reputation for being the best and it continues to do so even after decades of its inception! Check out the amazing products from Hohner made available just for you only at BAJAAO!

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