How To Deal With Criticism - With Kevin Goetz

By June 08, 2015

Hey, guys! So, some of you UG-ers might know that my recent series of lessons, Musician Psychology, deals primarily with motivation and ways to boost your creativity to levels that are typically only experienced by professional musicians. At this point in the series, however, we're turning our attention away from boosting creativity, instead focusing on the prevention of things that hurt our creativity. The most common of those things is criticism. Not the kind where someone's giving relatively good advice with the intent of helping you improve - no, of course not. Rather, today we're discussing the kind of criticism that serves no purpose other than to insult you. This might be better referred to as trolling. If you're someone who worries what other people think, to the point where their opinions are detrimental to your creative process, definitely check out the following video.

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