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By July 09, 2015

Hey guys, here's a lesson on some scale shapes on the top 3 strings that could further enhance your picking, speed, endurance and overall knowledge of the fretboard. Enjoy! Quick tips:
  • I like playing with a distortion setting with some reverb. It sounds cool so it keeps me going!
  • The shorter the movements, the less space you need to travel to your destination...
  • Keep your left hand parallel to the fretboard and do not curl your pinky! Relax the pinky.
  • I would set the metronome to count off eighth notes. It makes it easier to count off and stay in time.
I hope you found this lesson useful! Please rate and comment! Thanks! You can download a free PDF of the lesson here. About the Author: By George Salas. For more free lessons, please visit

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