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Nektar Impact LX49 Walkthrough

I’ve recently had the chance to get my hands on a new MIDI keyboard and am completely blown away by the quality of components, build, and integration. Nektar is a company that has been making waves over the last couple of years thanks to their high-quality Panorama line of controllers. The Panorama line has been praised for it’s top-notch component set and build quality, but also for the amount of integration it provides with a number of DAWs. Now Nektar is providing that same high level of integration with programs like Reason, Cubase, Bitwig, Logic,Studio One, and many more via a more affordable line of controllers – the Impact LX line. The LX49 is available now at retailers worldwide for a price of USD $159. No word on the release or pricing for the LX25 (spotted in a Bitwig unveiling video), LX61, or LX88 (though it was recently revealed at NAMM 2014) just yet. Source: http://www.controllerism.com/
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