Solid-Top Ukuleles vs Laminate Body Ukuleles

By Kailash Pate March 17, 2022

The sound and tone of any acoustic instrument is a result of various parts and materials coming together. This includes the construction, type of wood/tonewood used, hardware, neck material, quality of strings, etc. However, the wood is arguably the most important part of this mix.

Let’s take a quick dive into the 2 main types of Ukuleles available in the market and how they are different from each other.

Laminate Body Ukuleles

We are talking about - Solid Top Ukuleles & All Laminate construction Ukuleles.

Laminate Body Ukuleles are the most common types of ukuleles out there and they use plywood in the construction of the Ukulele body. You can assume that your ukulele has a full Laminated wood construction if there is no mention of the word ‘Solid Top’.

This means that your instrument's top, sides, and back are all made of laminated plywood. This is done by pressing thin layers of wood which have been glued together and then coated with a veneer.

Despite the fact that laminate ukuleles are not made of solid top tonewood, they can be made to seem like it. Hence, they are also produced at a significantly lower cost.

On the other hand, we have Solid Top Ukuleles.

Solid Top Ukuleles are more premium as their top wood is made up of one solid piece of wood. This piece of wood has been hand-picked, cut, sculpted, and fitted, yet it is still one piece — from the source to the instrument.

The back & sides of the ukulele will still be laminate / layered wood construction which makes your instrument more versatile in tone and build quality.

All in all, you've got a Solid-Top which offers unique tonal characteristics while the laminate back and sides result in a long-lasting, durable and climate resistant build.

It’s also very easy to check if your ukulele has a Solid Top. Just look closely at the edge of the soundhole to check for consistency in wood-grain patterns. As the soundhole is cut into the wood, you'll be able to see a cross section of the grain.

Being much more premium in quality and tone, Solid-Top Ukuleles usually have a much higher price point. This is exactly why Vault by Bajaao has launched its all new range of affordable Solid-Top Ukuleles so that musicians now get the true premium quality they deserve without any compromise.

Truth is, The best ukuleles you ever come across will all be Solid-Top Ukuleles.

These are instruments that create more and more complex & mature tones as time goes by, very similar to a well aged wine. They are a true investment for any musician who is looking for a premium quality instrument.

Simply put, Solid-Top Ukuleles are instruments for a lifetime.

solid top ukuleles

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