Three Octave Modes [Lessons]

By June 29, 2015

Hello everybody! Here is a great lesson to use to play scales diagonally as opposed to playing vertically all the time. Be sure you review my past lesson on 3 Notes per String as this will help you very much through this. Hope you enjoy! Before viewing this lesson, be sure to review this one on scales: Our featured video: For a free download of this PDF, go here. Quick Tips:
  • This is intended for a 24 fret guitar but you can use a 22 fret guitar. You just will not be able to play the highest note in E Phrygian.
  • Play slowly and review "3 Notes per Sting" lesson!
  • Try to keep your left hand as parallel to the fretboard as possible.
  • Shifts should not sound like a slide but have a very smooth transition.
  • Memorize for better fretboard knowledge.
  • Apply to every key!
About the Author: By George Salas. For more free sheet music downloads and other cool guitar stuff, visit

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