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Percussion is the foundation of the music, and if you want it to be a solid one, then your instruments are going to need solid foundations themselves. Bajaao brings to you the drum stands, racks and accessories that you'll find here are more than up to the task of anchoring all your drums while you pound out the pace for the band. Instruments are things that are always on the move. From rehearsals to tours to your day-to-day local gigging, there's no end to the occasions that mean packing up your drum set and moving it. Collapsible stands are the go-to choices for portability, allowing you to compress your whole setup into a much smaller footprint in the van. You can build an ensemble that's completely your own right from the ground up. Call our experts to find out the best product to suit your style and need at the lowest prices in India.

 Questions? Speak To Our Product Specialist (EXT 1) +91-22-42035353