1. What is the best action camera 2020
When we talk about action cameras, GoPro is the name which hits the mind. Some say
GoPro’s are priced premium, but it’s nothing like that ‘you get what you pay for’. GoPro’s
have many options available at a different price point. GoPro Hero 8Black is the best single-
lens Action Camera with top notch features and performance at the moment. 
As Hero 6 is discontinued, the Hero7 Black Lesser expensive option with almost the features
as GoPro Hero8 Black including hyper-smooth stabilization more shooting options as more
shooting options such as 1080p at 240 frames per second.
Listing down our top three picks in the action camera category and see which one is the best
action camera which suits your budget and needs.
  • GoPro Hero 8 Hypersmooth Streamlined 4k Action Camera
  • GoPro HERO7 Black 12MP Rugged Waterproof HyperSmooth 4K Action
  • Camera
  • GoPro HERO7 Silver 10MP Rugged Waterproof Stabilized 4K Action Camera

2. How to choose an action camera
We want help you make the right decision on your needs on having the right action camera.
If your goal is to use it for an adventure or if you want to travel and capture the world or
some festival/music event. These Days Action Cameras are gaining more popularity in the
music field, music videos shot by Go Pros are considered to be having the best 4k output.
Here are some things to look into before buying an action camera. 
1. Know it for which purpose you’ll be using it. Because the attachment needed for
Adventure or some creative video shoot it will be different. Like mounting it on a
helmet has a different attachment and other wandering attachments are different. 
2. Most of the attachments for action cameras fit any bike helmet, but you might need
some adjustments as well.
3. Action cameras can also be used to shoot a music event, where it can be mounted
on guitars headstock, or maybe have a drum cam recorded.
4. If you wish to slow-motion, time-lapse then, check if the camera has a slow-motion
feature or maybe more fps. 
5. Check for the battery life, the action camera lasts for 1.30mins to 2hrs. better the
camera better the battery life.

3. Which is the best budget action camera
Action cameras are lightweight yet durable and can be mounted almost anywhere to capture
any kind of action. Go Pro Hero7 Silver is the cheapest alternative from GoPro, they are
waterproof, sturdy, and will all the features you expect from a GoPro at this price. Hero &

silver makes videos at 4k up to 30 fps. The trio of GoPro 7s is the best budget action camera
for every purpose.

GoPro HERO7 Silver
4. What Action Camera is the best for its price
Considered to be the best performing action cameras then GoPro tops the list in both cheap
and expensive action cameras. 
With a cube form factor, this camera opens possibilities for mounting like never before. And
for the price, you can have several of these in a big room to capture all the action.
1. GoPro Hero 8 Hypersmooth Streamlined 4k Action Camera
2. GoPro HERO7 Black 12MP Rugged Waterproof HyperSmooth 4K Action
3. GoPro HERO7 Silver 10MP Rugged Waterproof Stabilized 4K Action Camera
5. Which Action Camera is best for making 4k videos
GoPro never surprises by being on top of the list. GoPro’s has redesigned the camera looks
and made it much versatile and now we don’t need to use the case for its waterproofing but
use the case if you want to mount it to tripod or helmets or anything else.
The latest GoPro’s are designed to shoot in 4k and 2.7 modes, also come with increased
functionality with attachments like the mic, lights and much more. Even the cheapest GoPro
hero 7 silver has a 4k video recording feature and is great. 
For your question which action camera is best making 4k videos, then we would say opt for
GoPro Hero7 Black, it has amazing 4k recording with hyper smooth stabilization.
GoPro HERO7 Black 12MP Rugged Waterproof HyperSmooth 4K Action Camera