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There were little bit scratches on guitar, delivery was also delayed, however sound is good,light weight,nice for beginners,bag is also good, finishing is also good.

Paiste 201 crash is a nice product in a very logical price in India.Bright crashing sound with a long sustain
It's good as compared to other in the Price bar.

physically damage mila mujhe

Great Strings with Great tones.

Only one fault is their my e string broke while bending technique so its not really unbreakable but if anyone want for lead or strumming its a good option great resonance

Vault c8

Vault c8 moniters rite bass and clearitey is good .Thanks fo bajaoo mister jai

Just awesome

Its really awesome.afters using this im feeling x40more difference in my mastering .Now im in love with Yamaha really its awesome. Krk gives you more bass then yamaha become that have woofer holl in front side so we can feel more bass on that. But if u are doing mastering then all the thing must be balanced. So just yamaha hi good for me. And also will be for you. Love u yamaha. Also thanks for for extra discount And good packaging

All mahogany variant review

It's awesome guitar in this price range and talking about shipping it was decent

Better than Focusrite iTrack Solo

Almost for the similar price, I found the Presonus i2 better than Focusrite iTrack Solo on the following grounds:-
1. Built quality.
2. Input options (trs+balanced) and separate volume control for headphone.
3. "Sound quality" marginally better.
4. Any MFI lightning connector is compatible, in the case of Focusrite iTrack Solo, if you happen to lose the device link/cable, you are gone! it costs a bomb.

The Focusrite iTrack Solo is better than the Presonus AudioBox i2 on the following grounds:-
1. More headroom, sound output.
2. Better latency management.

I highly recommend the presonus i2 for those musicians who works on different DAWS and different OS like Windows/MacOS/iOS

Awesome sounding guitar... Value for money!

Just one phrase "awesome piece of art". Indeed a great sounding guitar at a price tag of 30000+. Great playability smooth fretwork, sleek design. The guitar feels good in the hand. The ESP design stock pickups are awesome with substantial response. The ESP design tuning pegs keep the guitar pretty much in tune after extensive playing. The volume and tone knobs are pretty good. The coil tap feature works pretty well.
On the flip side, the volume and tone control are not uniform. The tone intensity and volume cannot be controlled uniformly. While in coil tap mode the gain of the tone decreases substantially. It's a bit heavy guitar understandable for a Lespaul design. The only serious regret I had was with the delivery. It took almost two months for for the guitar to reach me.

Excellent item

The guitar is very good according to its price ...few things can be corrected like bridge for strings can be polished or glazed it's raw ...over all look and sound is premium

Goregous classic rock machine!!

Writing this review in 2 parts.
1. Bajaao service: Delivery was bang on time. Arrived within 5 days of ordering. The guitar setup out of the box was fine (the action a little too low for me). Not a single blemish or scratch on the body.
My sole complain are the strings it came with. Those were undoubtedly old. The high e snapped within 5 mins of me playing which is unacceptable. Other than that excellent service.

2. The guitar itself: Absolutely stunning!! I will say tho, the color (as you can see in the photo) is not exactly aged tobacco urst as they show in the photos.... it's more of a faded honey burst. Personally i love it.... but it is to be noted. Beautiful maple top with a satin finish. The neck is slightly on the more chunky side but that makes for quite a firm grip. Jatoba fretboard which is buttery smooth and fast enough to play any solo. Just like the traditional les pauls, there is no cut out on the back.... which for somebody who has played a stratocaster for 8 years ... took a while to get used to. The pickup selector did feel a bit loose at first but it's held on quite well to my rather rough use. So I'm not worried.
As for the sound.... quintessentially les paul. Pure classic rock tone the moment you strike the first chord. Amazing tonal clarity, crystal clear harmonics, endless sustain and deep and well rounded cleans. The pickups being emg, total silence and zero noise over how much ever gain you throw at it. Handles everything from the bluesy cleans to high gain metal.

To conclude, if you need the look, feel and sound of a les paul but at 1/10 the price..... Go for this. You won't regret it.

Guitar right for the price offered

The instrument was received on time and packed decently. The guitar is extremely light weight and suitable for kids who wants to begin with. Finishing is very average with parts of the guitar having gaping holes/cracks etc. Chinese made. Only advantage - comes with truss rod.

Masterpiece Guitar

Highly recommended top class guitar both for beginners as well as professionals. Excellent elegant yet stylish glossy looks, profound sound, neat finishing, quality strings and adjustments. All features work superb. Vendor should have given an option to sell a appropriate cover bag, picks with it instead of giving nothing but just the instrument.

Value for money

I have used some superior trigger capos like nordic... And I must say that this capo has a build quality comparable to them... It feels very solid to hold... Is fully metallic... Spring is good until now... Looks like it will last... And the padding is good too... No buzzing sound... And also the grooves from strings can be easily removed by rubbing the rubber pad a little... Ensures no buzzing during next use... i will recommend you but it... This type of quality in this price is really astounding...

Ibnez MD 39c-NT accoustic guitar

Well its good guitar in affordable price but not comfortable for soft singing

Padded, perfect

The sizing is perfect, and the padding is sufficient to keep it safe and the zip is good too.

Awesome for beginners

Using this guitar since 21 days, I am really very satisfied. Go to my youtube channel Chris Dcosta to watch the whole review of this guitar. You will just love everything about this guitar.

Ibanez MD39c-nt

A best product from My fav brand ibanez at this price range. It's worth of money

Bajaao please restock this product

I bought this two years ago. It works very well. I need to buy more. Please restock it Bajaao.

Best product

Here I get best deal with this product.

A very good product for the price

Its goodto have the havana drumset with great sound even for the proffesionels

My first beautiful awesome guitar

Yamaha F310 tobacco brown sunburst

Big resonating body allow good sound quality, whole guitar glued well, wonderful color vibrancy and strings are easy to play due to balanced action, tuning pegs are in well condition allowing it to be in tuned condition for more days, i would give 9/10 for this product, bajaao should give at least free plectrum that almost cost 50-100rs i guess if we are spending 9000 approx INR for such product. Overall experience is wonderful

Great at this price point

Though When I got the monitors , there was some kind of fluid on the speakers and was somewhat wet, but that didn't make an issue and the speakers worked fine for me.
I mostly use them for listening to songs and some homestudio works . Overall the loudness is pretty good and it works fine for me . There is a little heating at the back of the speaker which contains the amplifier when you use them for longer time periods