BAJAAO Semi Decorative Tanpura Male with Flight Case

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The Tanpura is a drone instrument. It resembles a sitar except it has no frets.  It has four strings tuned to the tonic. There are no sypathetic strings, no frets, and a moveable bridge used to adjust the pitch. The word "tanpura" (tanpoora) is common in the north, but in south India it is called "tambura", "thamboora", "thambura", or "tamboora".  The tanpura is known for its very rich sound.  There are three main styles; the Miraj style, the Tanjore style and the small instrumental version sometimes called tamburi.

The BAJAAO Tanpura is built according to the Miraj style, which is the typical north Indian tanpura (tambura). This is the favourite of Hindustani classical musicians.  It is 4 feet in length, and is characterized by a pear shaped, well rounded tabali (resonator face) and a non-tapering neck.  It has a resonator made of seasoned Tun wood. This is a non-decorative model without engravings.

This Tanpura has excellent tonal quality and is recommended for students. It comes with a free flight case.

BAJAAO Semi-Professional Tanpura Specifcations:

  • Type: Miraj
  • Length: 4 ft
  • Resonator: Wooden
  • Decorations/Engraving: Non-decorative
  • Scale: Female Scale, can be tuned from G# to Bb
  • Flight Case: Included
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