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Behringer DD400 Digital Delay

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Behringer DD400 Digital Delay
State-of art processor with 7 different modes

The DD400 effects pedal offers subtle to radical stereo delay and echo . The Behringer Digital Delay echoes of every note you play from your guitar. It comes with seven modes of delay to choose from. Get ready to discover a vast variety of echoes with the DD400. The Behringer DD400 makes for a formidable ally on-stage, thanks to its full 1.3-second memory.

Synthetic Echo to Your Sound

The Delay offers echo that repeat the notes you play on your guitar. Each note becomes softer than the previous one till the repeats are no longer audible. This brings out robust and thick notes that can be used in classic rockabilly or psychedelic rock genres.

Vast Array of Sounds

This digital delay offers 7 different modes to choose from. It also lets you explore the vast range of echoes present. The 1.3 second memory or scale it back offers a more abrupt echo. The hold mode allows you to loop a brief riff and play the same riff over again. The first class on/off switch, controls the incredible signal integrity in bypass mode. The LED shows when the device is on.

Sound with Quality

The DD400 is built with all the latest features of a modern delay pedal. The pedal's tons of flexibility helps you keep those creative tones flowing. High-quality components and exceptionally robust construction maintain the structural integrity of this pedal. This device gives your sound a transcendental twist like never before. The amazing technology on this delay offers 24-bit resolution that keeps sounding better each time.


  • Ultimate digital Delay effects pedal with 7 different modes
  • This product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • It comes with 24-bit high-resolution stereo delay technology with delay time up to 1.3 s and tap tempo feature
  • The dedicated modes are time, feedback and level controls for excellent sound shaping
  • The blue status LED for effect provides on/off and battery check
  • This device works on 9 V battery
  • The On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
  • It is built with high-quality components and exceptionally robust construction ensure longevity


  • Includes: Digital Delay/Echo Effects Pedal and On/Off Switch
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Amazing product

    The first time I used it, got stunned with the features pumped in.A must buy for every guitarist.A good tool even for a keyboardist.

    DD400 by Behringer

    Very versatile and smooth sounding delay. Easy to use and smooth patch making process. Knobs function very smoothly, the echo generated sounds very authentic. Thanks for the product Bajaao!