dbx Pro 500 Series 565 Dual-Band Optical Compressor

dbx Pro 500 Series 565 Dual-Band Optical Compressor

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The 565 splits the incoming signal into two bands using Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (24dB/octave) crossover filters, for an ultra-flat frequency response. Crossover frequency can be selected using the 8-stage FREQUENCY selector.

Each of the two compression bands offer independent control of threshold, attack time, release time, and output (makeup) gain. Each band can be muted using the LOW MUTE or HIGH MUTE buttons, allowing bands to be soloed for fine tuning, for auditioning a band when adjusting the frequency control, or to simply apply a high or low-pass filter to the signal. The amount of drive into the compression circuit can be adjusted with the INPUT LEVEL control.

Compression can be enabled/disabled per band using the COMP buttons for comparison against the uncompressed signal or for bypassing a band's processing. A global BYPASS switch is also provided to compare the overall processed signal against the unprocessed signal.

Rounding out the user interface is a stylish VU meter for output level metering and a pair of 5-segment LED meters displaying each band's gain reduction amount.

The 565 can effectively be used to control the dynamics of slap-style bass guitars, clean electric guitars, kick drums, vocals, and more.

  • Dual-band optical compression with Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover filters
  • 8-stage crossover frequency selection from 65 HzÑÏ3.5 kHz
  • Master input level control
  • Threshold, attack, & release controls per band
  • Compression on/off button per band
  • Mute button per band
  • Output level control per band
  • Circuit bypass switch
  • 5-segment LED gain reduction meter per band
  • Vintage-style output level VU meter

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