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Dunlop 427PJP John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Guitar Picks - Set of 6

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Dunlop 427 John Petrucci Jazz III guitar picks were spec'd by Dream Theater's John Petrucci to serve up maximum control for his blazing fast playing style. John Petrucci Jazz III picks also have a polished beveled tip for fast attack and release.

Dunlop guitar picks are a top choice of today's pro musician! Dunlop's wide variety of gauges, shapes, sizes, and materials allow the player to select the exact pick for his or her own particular style of playing. From classic country to nu-metal, great players know that their pick is an integral part of their tone, and Dunlop guitar picks are the picks that more pros rely on in the studio or on stage. Picks are a grossly underrated accessory. Don't sacrifice your tone. Pick Dunlop guitar picks!

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