Evans Sound Off SO-SET-FSN Fusion Drum Mute Set

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  • Evans Sound Off SO-SET-FSN Fusion Drum Mute Set

    HQ Percussion Sound Off Fusion Drum Mute Set.

    Practice on your drum set in relative silence without losing realistic feel and rebound! Practice in the comfort of your own home, without making too much noise. The SoundOff Drum Mutes provide excellent stick response, and are durable enough for the heaviest hitters.

    The HQ SoundOff Cymbal Mutes are constructed from an ultra-thin rubber that closely approximates the true stick rebound on a ride cymbal. They expose the bell surface so that the drummer can practice various cymbal sticking techniques while achieving an astounding 95% reduction in volume. The HQ SoundOff Ride Mutes are a breeze to get up and ready. They install and remove in seconds without disturbing felt washers and wing nuts.

    The SoundOff Bass Mute will fit any size drum from 18 inches - 26 inches and closely reproduces the natural feel and rebound of an un-muted drum. The extension arms and C-clamp attachment method makes it easy to install and remove.

    Fusion Box Set includes:

    • 10 inch, 12 inch & 14 inch Toms
    • 14 inch Snare
    • 1 Crash Mute
    • 1 Ride Mute
    • 1 Hi-Hat Mute
    • 18 inch - 26 inch Bass (1 size fits all).



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Questions about this product?

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