Hohner 260/40 Chromonica G

Hohner 260/40 Chromonica G

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Hohner 260/40 Chromonica G(M26008)

These models are classic chromatic harmonica. High quality materials and workmanship guarantee a great sound. The comb is made of wood or plastic. Accordion series Chromonica particularly recommended when playing in combination with other accordions as well as a solo instrument.

Chromatic harmonicas enable to play music in any key on a single instrument. In general, they represent two diatonic accordion in a casing configured with a difference of semitone, for example, Up Up and #. Pressing the harmonica switched air flows from the ode diatonic part to another, thus raising each note by a semitone. With this access to all 12 notes of the chromatic scale (some twice), which opens up new musical horizons for the artist. Chromatic harmonicas can be easily distinguished from other species thanks to the slide button on the right side. They are most often used in classical music and jazz, as well as blues, folk and popular music. All chromatic harmonicas are tempered tuning.


Model  number: M26008

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