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Marshall RF-01 Reflector Guitar Effect Pedal

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Marshall RF-01 Reflector Guitar Effect Pedal Overview:

The cavernous Reflector reverb pedal projects your sound into the third dimension. Six reverbs add diffuse trails to your playing without ever swallowing your tone. Its sturdy metal shell houses two simulated spring reverbs with their characteristic pulse and resonance, and alongside these are the ghostly textures of Reverse mode, and the dense sound of three studio-quality reverbs.

The Reflector allows you full control over the six different reverb modes including time, damping, and level, offering FX that range from a spacious hall, to the sound of a studio plate via the beating of a vintage spring.

  • 'In' Jack Socket
    • This is the input jack for connection to your guitar or to the output of another effects pedal when linking pedals together.
  • 'Expression' Socket
    • An expression pedal can be connected to this socket to control the decay time. Moving the pedal overrides the reverb time setting on the pedal allowing you to increase/decrease the control as you perform.
  • 'Out 1 / Left' Jack Socket - Passive Bypass
    • Out 1 is connected to a passive bypass circuit. The passive bypass ensures complete tonal integrity by disconnecting the output of the effects circuit when not in operation. When a jack is connected to Out 1 the pedal operates in mono mode.
  • 'Out 2 /Right' Jack Socket - Spill-Over
    • Out 2 is connected to a spill-over circuit. When the pedal is switched off the reverb tail it has produced is allowed to 'spill' and naturally decay over your playing while the input feeding the effects circuit is switched off. When a jack is connected to Out 2 the pedal operates in mono mode.
    • When jacks are connected to Out 1 & Out 2 the pedal operates in Stereo mode, the input is dispersed over the stereo field creating an even more spacious reverb. No spill-over is present when the pedal operates in stereo mode.
  • Mode
    • The Reflector offers six different reverb modes. Selected by switching the mode knob in to one of the six positions.
    • Hall A large, lush reverb, adding smooth diffuse trails to your playing without letting your tone be swallowed by its wave of sound.
    • Plate Recreating the sound of a high quality studio plate reverb, bringing space and presence to your tone.
    • Room A small reverb, wrapping a subtle presence round your sound.
    • Spring 1 Recreating the classic sound of the spring reverb with it's characteristic pulse and resonant ambience.
    • Spring 2 Accompanying Spring 1, this mode takes the sound of springs and infuses it with a lush reverb that only a digital pedal could, providing you with the perfect combination of old and new.
    • Reverse The reverse mode creates ghostly textures as your notes spill backwards out into space, rushing up to your face before melting off into the distance.
  • Reverb Time
    • Controls the decay time of the reverb tail from no tail (fully anti-clockwise), providing just the initial sense of space, to full decay (fully clockwise), providing long reverb tails trailing off into the modelled space.
  • Damping
    • Controls the amount of high frequencies that are reflected within the reverb. Fully clockwise all the high frequencies are reflected creating a bright vibrant reverb. Fully anti-clockwise and only a small amount of high frequencies are fed back producing a dark smooth reverb.
  • Level
    • Controls the level of the overall effect. Fully anti-clockwise gives the least effect and driest (uneffected) guitar signal, while fully clockwise gives the most effected guitar sound.
  • Foot Switch
    • For switching the Reflector on and off.
  • LED
    • Indicates when the Reflector is in operation.
  • DC Input
    • For input of a 9V DC centre negative regulated adaptor should you not wish to use batteries.
  • Controls: Multi - Mode, Reverb Time Control, Damping Control, Level Control Features: Solid Metal Casing, Passive Bypass, Expression Pedal Input
  • Power: 9v
  • Jack Sockets: Input Jack 1: Guitar Input, Input Jack 2: Expression Pedal Input, Output Jack 1: Left/Bypass, Output Jack 2 : Right/Spill
  • Input Impedance: >1 M0hms
  • Output Load Impedance: <1 K0hms
  • Dimensions In Mm (W X H X D): 120 X 65 X 55
  • Weight: 510g
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