Nagma Electronic Lehera Harmonium

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Nagma Electronic Lehera Harmonium

The new & improved Nagma has an ABS plastic body fitted with a SMPS, universal power supply from 90V AC to 250V AC. This electronic laya making instrument is capable of producing a staggering 194 tunes in 20 taals. It comes in with as independent Nagma volume, drone & metronome control. For better tabla practice sessions there is riyaz time indicator & metronome at odd lays too. It has 7 tone combinations with 2 different playing styles. Its inbuilt composer is capable holding 4 tunes at 95 mantras each. Running on 8 (AA cells) batteries, along with its inbuilt battery charger operations this is the best electronic lehera machine in the offering.

20 Taals & 194 Tunes (Raga / Ragas): This Electronic Lehera Offers a Wide range of Raga in Each Taal there by creating a Bouquet of 194 Ragas in 20 different Taals.

Genuine Tone: The Nagma is Capable of producing a Genuine Harmonium Tone of that of a Single Line Harmonium, Two Line Harmonium & a Three Line Harmonium. You can hear some audio clips of the Nagma below:

Ek Taal - Todi - Trigun

Teen Taal - Chandrakauns

Khamaj 7 ½ Matra

Teen Taal - Chandrakauns - Khand

SMPS, Universal Power Supply: Nagma’s In-built SMPS makes it possible to run the Instrument Anywhere in the World with its Dynamic Input Power Range of 90V AC to 250V AC.

ABS Plastic Body: The New Look Nagma is made from ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which gives it a Sleeker Look and protects it from the Peninsula’s Climatic Wear & Tear.

7 Tone Combinations: The Timber Function of this Electronic Lehera helps Produce a Tone that of Single, Two Line & Three Line Harmonium there By giving you an Option of 7 Tone to Select from.

Independent Volume Control: Nagma, Drone & Metronome
This Electronic Laya Instrument comes with an Independent set of Volume controls for the Nagma, Drone & Metronome.

2 Styles: The Nagma is Equipped to play in 2 different Styles (i.e. Strong & Plain) to suit to one's Individual Taste.

In-Built Battery Charger: The Inbuilt Battery Charger of the Nagma, Charges Rechargeable Battery even when the instrument is Playing.

Digital Display: The Green Backlit Digital Display of the Nagma enables the User a Clarity while Navigating thought the Menu & Otherwise also.

Metronome with Multiple Laya: Nagma is the only Electronic Musical Instrument the comes with a Metronome with Multiple Layas including the Odd Layas like Trigund & Khand.

Laya - Dhruth, Madhya & Vilambit: The Nagma Electronic Lehra  is equipped to play in different Layas with ease. This Laya setting is Independent of the Speed setting that exist in the Instrument.

Pitch Range: Nagma comes with a large Pitch range to suit to every Users need. Its range is from B to C# of the 2nd Octave.

Auto Memory for Last Used: Nagma has a Full Auto Memory Storage to Store the Last used Taal, Sur & Laya Parameter that helps if play the User's Last Setting when ever the Instrument is Switched On.

Composer: The Composer Feature of the Nagma is Capable of Composing & Holding in its Memory 4 Tunes with up to 95 Mantras Each.

Riyaz Time Indicator: The Digital Display of the Electronic Lehra has a Column Indicating the Time of Riyaz to help gauge the Student Know the Actual Time of Tabla Practice put in.

Light Weight & Compact Size: The Weight of the Actual Nagma is just 1 Kg & the same come is Neat & Sleek Compact Looks.

External Speaker Socket: The Nagma has an External Speaker Socket to Connect it to Bigger External Speakers if Necessary.

Battery Operation: The Nagma becomes fully operational with 8 Pencil Cells (AA).

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 Watts, 4 Ohms
  • 3.5 Inches
  • SMPS 250v (+/- 10%) 90v (+/- 5%)
  • Consumption: 6 Watts Max
  • 8 Pencil Cells (1.5v / AA)
  • B to C# of 2nd Octave
  • Mandra Safed 7 to Kali 1(Tip)
  • Length - Width - Height 145 mm - 73 mm - 123 mm
  • Weight: Aprox.: 1 kg / 2.2 lb

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