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Orange Amplification DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester

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Orange Amplification is proud to introduce the DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester -- the world's first fully automatic, portable, digital valve tester. Until now, testing valves with little or no knowledge of valve theory was difficult, costly and typically unreliable. The VT1000 tests all popular power and pre-amp tubes, and its streamlined, easy-to-use design will cater to valve users from all walks of life -- from amateurs to seasoned pro and those in the music retail business.

The VT1000 employs groundbreaking new technology that matches, tests and grades valves. This revolutionary valve tester from Orange Amps is a must-have for every guitarist, rental company, valve amp manufacturer, guitar technician and guitar/hi-fi store around the world!

Compact, portable and user-friendly, the VT1000 is a fully automatic digital valve tester that quickly performs a wide range of tests with unparalleled accuracy. The VT1000 offers an extensive array of benefits such as matching and testing valves quickly and with ease. It also offers a reliable health check so that you can see the condition of your tubes and find out whether they're good, bad or worn.

The VT1000 Valve Tester features one octal and two nine pin valve sockets for different valve types; simply insert the valve to be tested into the correct socket, select the valve type from the list on the unit and press 'OK' to test. The results are displayed clearly and concisely using LEDs and will test for a wide range of fault conditions, which could easily cause damage to other components. The simplicity of operation belies what is going on 'inside the box', where a CPU controlled testing system is in operation, allowing full control over all inter-electrode switching and measurement operations.

In approximately two minutes, the VT1000 performs an extensive series of tests including:

    • Heater filament test: Short circuit
    • Heater filament test: Open circuit
    • Heater filament test: Tolerance check
    • Heater cathode insulation: Leakage
    • Heater cathode insulation: Short Circuit
    • Tests for heater current abnormalities
    • Amplification factor
    • Voltage gain
    • Power gain
    • Screen grid test
    • Mutual conductance test
    • Dual test for double triodes
    • Emission
    • Inter electrode leakage
    • Inter electrode short circuit
    • Flash-over (arc detection, high voltage breakdown)
    • Gas ionisation test

The VT1000 incorporates patent-pending technology and currently tests the following valves:

EL34/6CA7; EL34L; 6L6; 6V6/6v6GTA; KT66; KT77; KT88; 6550; 5881; EL84/6BQ5; ECC81/12AT7; ECC82/12AU7; ECC83/12AX7; ECC99; 12BH7

The VT1000 from Orange Amplification really opens the door to everyone, providing an extremely simple, portable, reliable, inexpensive and safe way to test valves. Get yours today at the guaranteed lowest price
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