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Roland GC1BK Stratocaster Equipped

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  • The complete functions of the Roland GK-3 are perfectly and beautifully embedded in the authentic Fender Stratocaster, letting you drive the GR-55, VG-99, and other 13-pin compatible gear. As well as its futuristic functionality, it also provides classic Fender Stratocaster sound and feel.


    • Equipped with GK hex-divided pickup, 13-pin connector, and all controls to drive the GR-55, GR-D, GR-S, and VG-99
    • Controls are compatible with the GK-3
    • Simple and easy operation based on the Stratocaster design concept

    Stratocaster with Support for GR-55, GR-D, GR-S, and VG-99

    The GC-1 has built-in divided pickup that adds infinite creative possibilities to the Fender Stratocaster. In addition to playing the GC-1 as a normal Stratocaster through your favorite amp, you can also connect it to the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, GR-D V-Guitar Distortion, GR-S V-Guitar Space, or VG-99 V-Guitar System to dramatically enhance creativity.

    One-Cable Connection

    With a single GK cable, you can conveniently connect the GC-1 to a GR-55, GR-D, GR-S, and VG-99. This is all you need to tap into a world of sound through COSM modeling or guitar synthesis. The GC-1 is also capable of converting your performance into MIDI data via a VG-99 or GR-55, so you can use it as a MIDI controller to record your guitar performances directly to a DAW.

    GR-55 — A New Era of Sound, Power, & Performance

    The GR-55 compatible with the GC-1 is a revolution in guitar synthesis, with features never before available in any guitar processor. In terms of speed, it`s the fastest ever. It`s also the most accurate, thanks to newly developed pitch-detection technology. As for sound, the triple-core generator houses a world-class array of virtual guitars, basses, amps, and synth voices, enabling tones and textures that have never been heard before. Onstage or in the studio, you can instantly access the GR-55`s huge library of ready-to-use sounds, from pop to rock and beyond, with quick-access category buttons.

    GR-D — Bold Distortion Tones for Modern Players

    Inside the GR-D is a huge array of unique distortion colors made possible with GK processing. By applying separate distortion processing to each string, the atonal harmonic artifacts of mono distortion are completely eliminated. This results in incredible string definition and clarity, even with full, complex chords and extremely high levels of gain. In addition, picking dynamics are greatly enhanced, and wide stereo effects can be achieved. VG-DIST 1 and VG-DIST 2 offer two very different distortion flavors newly developed for the GR-D, while POLY DIST is a new variant on the classic “polyphonic distortion” in early Roland guitar synths, enhanced with the power of modern digital technology. SYNTH is an analog synth-type sound based on string vibration instead of an oscillator, providing an ultra-responsive playing feel with true guitar expressiveness.

    GR-S — Amazing Tones to Expand Your Sound Palette

    With the GR-S, you have four incredible tones that launch your guitar into an entirely new sound space. Crystal delivers shimmering, transparent sounds and icy bell textures, while Rich Modulation provides an incredibly spacious multi-channel chorus sound powered by independent GK string processing. Slow Pad offers a warm synth-pad sound with variable attack for dreamy full-chord swells that are impossible with a mono input. And with Brilliant Clean, you can add virtual strings to your axe, adjustable from 12 to 18 strings with the COLOR knob!

    VG-99 — Powerful Sound Creating Capability with Dual-COSM Configuration

    The GC-1`s another perfect partner is the VG-99 V-Guitar System. The VG-99 contains an incredible range of COSM-modeled guitars and amplifiers including new electric, acoustic and bass guitar models, a new GR-300 synth wave, and much more. It even models two signal paths at once. Complete dual processing of guitar modeling on the VG-99 allows you to play two different guitar sounds simultaneously. For example, one virtual guitar could be a Telecaster® in a vintage Tweed amp with full effects and the other a nylon-string guitar with just a hint of reverb. With three powerful new processors at its core, plus expressive performance controls such as Ribbon Controller and D-BEAM, this remarkable instrument raises the bar in guitar-modeling and performance technology.

    Roland GC1BK Specifications:


    • Type 1 (GC-1-BLK)
    • Body Color: Black


    • Body: Alder
    • Neck: Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (24.1cm)
    • Backshape: Modern "C" shape
    • Scale Length: 25.5" (64.8cm)
    • Number of Frets: 22
    • Fret Size: Medium Jumbo
    • Pickups: Single Coil type x 3, Divided type x 1
    • Bridge: Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo


    • GK Controller section: GK VOLUME knob, Select switch, UP(S1) button, DOWN(S2) button
    • Normal guitar section: Guitar VOLUME knob, Guitar TONE knob, 5-Way switch
    • Connectors: GK Connector (13-pin connector), Guitar Jack (1/4" phone type)


    • GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster® Owner’s Manual 
    • Tremolo arm
    • Hexagonal wrench
    • Special gig bag
    • Options (sold separately): GK Cables (GKC-5, GKC-10)
    • Size and Weight: Weight 4.0 kg 8 lbs. 14 oz.


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