SoundX TD-90 5-Piece Electronic Drumkit

SoundX TD-90 5-Piece Electronic Drumkit

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The SoundX TD-90 Electronic Drum Kit is the ultimate in versatility, portability and reliability. It is a typical 5-piece drum configuration with hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals. The sound module features preset drum kits, plus 5 user kits which can be programmed by the user. The individual drum voices onboard can be used to create your own drum kits and save them for future instant recall to one of the 5 user kits.

The TD90 includes preset songs for you to play along to, digital effects (reverb and chorus), metronome, recording and a high quality tone generator with 64 note polyphony. Every aspect of each kit can be programmed by individual drum/trigger including volume, sensitivity, threshold, velocity curve, effects, etc.

The rubber drum pads and two metal pedals have all been developed with quality materials to respond with a natural feel and rebound. All pads, pedals and cymbals have highly sensitive triggers attached. These are connected to the sound module via the included cables. As far as possible everything has been done to recreate the authentic feel of an acoustic drum kit.

The SoundX TD-90 can be used in a variety of situations including home practice, studio recording and live gigs. The sound output can be listened to via the included headphones for silent practice. Alternatively the output can be connected to an external mixer, PA system or similar equipment, for use in a studio or live performance situation. You can also connect an MP3 player to the Aux In jack and jam along to your favourite songs.

SoundX TD-90 Electronic Drum Kit Features:


  • Hardware
  • 5x drum pads (kick, snare, 2x tom toms and floor tom)
  • 2x cymbals (crash and ride)
  • Hi-hat cymbal
  • Hi-hat controller pedal (for opening and closing of hi-hat)
  • Kick drum controller pedal
  • Sound module (Drum "brain")
  • Rugged drum rack system
  • Power supply
  • Drum stool
  • Headphones
  • Drumsticks
  • Sound Module Functionality
  • Multi-function LED Display
  • 64 Polyphony
  • 206 Voices
  • Preset Kits
  • User Kits
  • Volume
  • Click on/off
  • Tempo
  • Song on/off
  • Start/Stop controls
  • Trigger: Sensitivity, Gate value, Volume, Touch curve
  • Demo songs
  • Effect: Reverb, Chorus


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