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Thonet & Vander Ratsel BT 2.1 Speaker System

Shop Brand : Thonet & Vander

Thonet & Vander Ratsel BT 2.1 Speaker System has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
  • It is the most powerful 2.1 speaker ever created, designed to drive to the limit your multimedia experience. You´ll enjoy your favorite games, movies, series and music wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth and NFC technology.


    Rätsel BT has an extremely powerful sound, characterized by its depth and purity. With sharp and clear trebbles and robust, strong and precise lows, it is a high performance speaker capable of playing the whole sound spectrum in detail.


    Rätsel BT stands for convergence, which is reflected in its aesthetic development. Straight lines converge in different ways, enhancing its exquisite and elegant design. Its central box has a wavy front, metaphor of its sound deepness. Satellites stand out by their flat surface with rounded thin edges at the top, highlighting its flexibility and expressing clear trebles and midranges.


    This technology produces a broad and extended surround sound. By using cutting edge components, we achieved to maintain its frequency response outside its central axis. This allows enhancing the stereo effect, creating a surround effect. Immerse yourself in a new sound experience.


    This technology allows you to play the bass sounds in a deeper and adjusted way. It enables to magnify the impact of low frequencies, dynamic and deeply perceived , even when playing at high volume. You can feel the beat of the bass impacting your body.


    It is a natural polymer of high density that when combined, generates a more rigid and dense material than the MDF manufactured today. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.


    It is a technology that allows you to isolate the sound of external interference, allowing a pure and crystal clear sound flow without noises’ irruptions.


    The metal mesh works as an excellent shield. It allows drivers to remain isolated from any particles that can get them dirty, causing sound distortion or damage.


    The Bass Reflex Sound enhances the sound expelled through the rear of the diaphragm. This way the resonance system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of low frequencies.


    MID-RANGE: Each satellite has two tracks. One side has a 3- inch mid -range made entirely of lignin cane fiber*- like the central speaker- which allows an excellent performance. The suspending ring is made of rubber, which optimizes the movement of the coil.TWEETER:On the other side, it has a 0.5 inch tweeter made of polyethylene micro sheets**, which provide precision and detail to treble sounds.


    We use it to pair our speakers with playback devices, tablets, phones, MP3 players and laptops. Music, movies, TV, video games and social content with amazing sound. Perfect to play music for every room in your home with the best sound.

    TOP RANGE 32X:

    The equipment has an extended range wireless coverage, the area of influence of the device exceeds 10 meters allowing you to connect any device quickly and without interference.


    Near Field Communication (NFC) allows NFC-enabled devices to pair up within a proximity of up to 1.5 cm.

    3.5mm STEREO INPUT:

    Thanks to the 3.5mm stereo input you can connect your speakers to any player device that has stereo output: tablet, smartphone, notebook, PC, TV.

    3.5 mm STEREO OUTPUT:

    The 3.5mm stereo output allows you to easily connect your headphones, without having to do so with the PC or TV connector. This way, you can listen to music privately and without inconveniences.


    Each playback device needs different types of amplification, according to the intensity of its output. For devices with weaker signals (mp3, smartphones, tablets) input one is used to maximize its output. Input two is used for devices with strong signals (TV, DVD, semiprofessional sound plates). The speaker adapts to the different inputs for better performance while minimizing distortion.


    On the control box panel, you´ll find volume control, bass and treble controls, mute button, playback source selector, input and output 3.5 stereo and dual RCA stereo input. It’s perfect for centralizing the management, enabling better spatial arrangements for the speakers.


    The speaker has a wireless remote control, this allows to turn it on, select the playback source, raise and lower the volume, adjust bass and treble, press the mute button and reset the selected EQ setup.


    Saving energy is part of the preservation of the environment, one of our main goals. That´s why our equipments have an on/off switch that completely interrupts power to the equipment. This allows energy savings when the speaker is not being used.

    Thonet & Vander Rätsel BT Specifications:
    • Power Output: 72W RMS(32W + 20W x 2)
    • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20kHz
    • Acoustic Box Material: Wooden box HDAA
    • Acoustic Box Size: 253 x 253 x 365 mm
    • Driver Size: Woofer 6.5"
    • Driver Material: Cane Lignin
    • Impedance/Power: 8 Ω 50W
    • Satellite Size: 253 x 100 x 111 mm
    • Mid-Range Size: 3"
    • Mid-Range Material: Cane Lignin
    • Impedance/Power: 4 Ω 10W
    • Tweeter: 0.5"
    • Tweeter Material: polyethylene micro sheets
    • Impedance/Power: 4 Ω 5W
    • Antimagnetic Shield: yes
    • Bluetooth: V2.1 + EDR
    • Color: Black
    • Controls: volume, treble, bass & remote control(inalambric)
    • Inputs: RCA stereo / 3.5 stereo
    • Outputs: 3.5 stereo
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