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Mumbai's Heavy/Thrash Groove Veterans are back with their second full length album titled "What Makes Us Human is Obsolete"

"We are who we are and this is what we do. Age by Age we’ve managed to deteriorate the core essence of being humans. We lost love when we learnt to kill and hate. We’ve forgotten to co-exist and we've lost the essential motives of our existence. We’ve lost ourselves."

What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete is an aural assault with strong lyrical content that has the potential to cause a behavioral change in the listener.

The overall album sounds massive and undeniably is one of the finest to come out in 2015. A must buy for all Heavy/Groove Metal lovers

Note: Winners of Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2016 Best Album and Best Band (Critics choice).

Track Listing:

  • Embryo
  • What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
  • Shell Broken Hell Loose
  • Endangered
  • Conflict
  • Invidious I
  • In Kog
  • Misguided
  • Reform Rebirth
  • The Phoenix Effect
  • A Design To Choose.

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