10 Best Guitars Every Guitar Player Must Know

By May 15, 2019

It is quite possible that you might have played an awesome guitar and you want your close friends to try it once. Yes, we know that feeling.

Moving ahead, you may have found a selection of the most highly rated guitars from guitar players rigorous reviews, telling you which one is the best. But we have something which will blow your mind with all the amazing features to sound to quality till price.

From the topmost acoustic guitar to high-end electric guitars, we have some of our pick of 10 best guitars every guitar player must know. These guitar sounds are something which you’ll fall in love with.

Let’s Start

Fender Squier SA 105CE Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The Fender Squier SA-105CE Electro-Acoustic Guitar is a full-size dreadnought which is the best choice for beginners. It has a spruce top body combined with chrome die-cast tuners. SA105 allows you to plug in your guitar cable, perform or start recording with its built-in Fishman Preamp (or pickups). Pre-amps come with 3-band EQ control and also a tuner (allowing you to easily keep your guitar in-tune, even if you're just playing acoustically).

Features at a glance:

· Excellent Craftsmanship and functionality

· NATO wood body construction for warm yet darker tones

· Laminated spruce top for vibrant and bright tonal output

· Fishman Isys-T pickup system pre-amplifier, a three-band tone control, and inbuilt tuner

Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar

The GRG170DX electric guitar, also known as GRG170D in Japan, has the most famous metal guitar design i.e. RG Series solid body electric guitars by Ibanez. Since 2004, GRG170D has been the most popular and a part of entry-level GIO line electric guitar. GRG170 is compact and has a lightweight design. It is time to pack up and set off on a journey to the unexplored regions of music.

Features at a glance:

· Double cutaway profile

· Basswood body construction best for lead guitars

· Best for shredding reviving the playing style from decades back

· Compact and lightweight

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar

The Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar has been designed to accommodate a whole gamut of musical styles from indie and punk to folk and rock. If you wish to explore genres other than the one you specialize in, this instrument is your best bet, as it offers versatile playability. The dreadnought body profile of this guitar makes it well-suited for flat pickers.

Features at a glance:

· Spruce body construction for better durability and sound

· Tone-wood offers fast sound transmission and contributes to overtone colouration

· Spruce retains the clarity of sound even in the presence of a heavy attack

· Next up, you have mahogany on the back and sides for a full midrange

Vault Strat Style Electric Guitar

The Vault ST1M Strat Style Electric Guitar is sure to stand out among other instruments in your collection. The chrome plating on the guitar's hardware ensures corrosion resistance and immense durability. The body of the guitar is constructed out of Sycamore, which imparts adequate stiffness. This tonewood variety produces clean tones with well-defined treble notes. The maple neck produces bright tones with tight lows. The maple neck is resistant to climatic changes and guarantees longevity. As a result, you obtain sounds rich in fundamentals. This guitar is equipped with an HSS pickup, which offers versatile playability for a wide range of applications.

Features at a glance:

· Dual action truss rod to avoid string buzzing, climate changes

· Low-noise high-output pickups which give you exemplarily sound

· High-quality chrome-plated nickel die-cast tuners with a 16:1 tuning ratio

· High-quality Tremolo bridge with Whammy Bar for better resonance and sustain

Fender SA 150 Acoustic Guitar

The most famous fender entry level guitar have achieved the big name for themselves as the budget guitar of all guitar industry. As we look at the wallet-friendly Fender SA-150N, which proves a great addition to our chart on the best budget models. With its slim, easy-to-play neck and full-bodied dreadnought tone, the SA-150 is an ideal choice for all rookie strummers.

Features at a glance:

· Full-size steel-string acoustic that offers big sound at a small price

· All-laminate construction with Lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides

· Scalloped "X"-bracing, mahogany neck and a durable dark-stained maple fingerboard

· Slim, easy-to-play neck

· Full-bodied dreadnought tone

Ibanez GSR200 Bass Guitar

It is strong and lightweight mahogany body which produces beautifully warm tones, adding excellent depth to the bass’s overall tonality. The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a bright tonal character, offering thick firm lows and sparkling highs with plenty of sizzle. The bass guitar comes equipped with two powerful Dynamix bass pickups in a classic "P/J" configuration. This tried-and-tested combination, of a punchy "P"-style split coil neck pickup and mellow "J"-style single coil bridge pickup, allows the instrument to achieve everything from warm jazz sounds to thunderous rock tones.

Features at a glance:

· Maple neck construction with 22 medium frets for an incredible playing experience

· Equipped with an Std. P neck pickup and Std. J bridge pickup that adds enhanced sustain and jazz tones to your composition

· Smaller body and neck

· Active bass boost

Vault EA40 Acoustic Guitar

The Vault EA40 Acoustic guitar has one of the most notable and unique designs and Construction made from Handpicked woods. This premium guitar comes with Zebrawood sides offering well-defined treble, great volume, sustain and excellent distribution of voices and more resonance. Also, has a unique and unseen cutaway design makes it more comfortable for the guitar players to reach the lower frets easily.

Features at a glance:

· Vault premium and unique cutaway with the best craftsmanship

· Zebrawood sides for excellent distribution of sound

· Special iconic cut around the armrest area for lesser pain and more practice

· high precision(18:1), chrome-plated die-cast tuners

Vault PJ Electric Bass Guitar

Old School style classic Vault PJ Bass guitar equipped with some of the best specifications for any bass guitar on the same range. The PJ pickup configuration to provide you with the wealth of classic bass sounds for virtually any musical genre and style. The “Modern C” shaped neck gives you a contour and style which allows and makes playing any form of music easy. It’s Maple neck and Phoenix wood body gives you the perfect balance. The Dual action truss rod adds up as an essential and the chrome plated tuning pegs gives you rock solid tuning and durability in between sets as well.

Features at a glance:

· Brilliant sustaining sound whilst effortlessly sliding between notes

· The ergonomic body shape to reduce fatigue and enhance playability for extended playing sessions

· Vaults die-cast tuners assure that you can play each note with confidence and authority

· Well-seasoned wood to provide lighter weight for longer jams sessions

· Jumbo frets make bending and sliding between notes simple

Alvarez - Artist Series Guitars

The Artist Series sound and personality is pretty open and very powerful. They provide a very great balance of both treble and bass in relation to each other. Artist Series takes quality to the next level and leaves others behind through incredible attention to detail and design, delivering a rare level of value.

Tonally, Artist Series has excellent performance and achieves clear balance and response across all strings. Artist Series feel right and are exciting to play; no matter if you are strumming hard or picking lightly, the guitar will do what you ask of it.

Along with a more angled headstock, our bi-level bridge increases string tension by making the break angle of the strings from the saddle to the top more acute. Improved string tension adds to our sound, feel and response, which is also heightened by the use of real bone nuts and saddles.

PRS - 2019 Series Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Paul guitars latest discoveries of tones are here. This revamped PRS models represent Paul’s vision as a guitar player and not just as a guitar maker.

Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the SE Custom 24 features with multiple wood options and the PRS patented moulded tremolo bridge. Pickup configurations with mini toggle switches which allows you to put either or both pickups in either humbucking or true single coil mode.

Guitar model also includes PRS’s TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treble and bass pickups with two mini-toggle switches that allow players to put either or both pickups in either humbucking or true single coil mode.

We hope you enjoyed our list.

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