8 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers under Rs 10k for Beginners in 2019

By May 06, 2019

In the past, MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was used to connect external hardware devices like synths, sampler, sequencer etc. and it wasn’t a one-man job. As the technology keeps improving, instrument sounds now can be virtually created with the help of DAW (PC software known as Digital Audio Workstation).

If you don’t know then MIDI keyboard controllers are used to send information that makes and control sound directly from your controller to the Software(DAW) on the computer.

The entire job of a team of people now can be done with only two hands. In today’s world, even the smallest MIDI keyboard comes loaded with maximum features and is a perfect fit for your home based music recordings and performances.

Here’s why let’s have a look at the top 8 MIDI keyboard controller for beginners under 10k.

So, let’s begin with…


If you are looking for a compact and a hassle-free MIDI controller for your music making. If yes, then the Q series MIDI keyboard controller is for you.

Q25 is very compact, versatile and easy to use. Despite being a super-low price, it has got everything that you wanted to look for in a MIDI controller.

It is perfect for basic home music production.

It has a very simple design unlike the latest controller with sparkling lights and edgy designs, but it has features like

· Pitch and mod wheels

· USB bus power

· Sustain pedal input

· Both USB-MIDI and traditional 5-pin MIDI out

If you like to keep things simple, then we suggest Alesis Q25 is what you’ll love.

See the price, specification and reviews for Alesis Q25 here

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Alesis V mini is designed to easily and effortlessly integrate and take command of your music software.

V mini comes loaded with all the features necessary for your music production. Manipulate your virtual instruments with tactile precision using this keyboard controller's four assignable knobs.

A single USB connection to your Mac or PC provides both power and MIDI functionality, allowing you to plug right into your computer and start making music.

All the knobs and pads illuminate blue lights to provide real-time visual feedback and are laid out for an intuitive workflow.

Having a quick look at Alesis V mini

· 4 backlit knobs and drum pads

· 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys

· USB-Powered design

· Includes AIR Music's Xpand!2 virtual instrument software

Just plug, play and perform with Alesis V mini. V Mini's compact design makes it easy to take this powerful MIDI controller on the road or implement it into any sized studio.

See the price, specification and reviews for Alesis V mini here


Vault Apex is a perfect solution for your music production. If you like compact but fully armed, you really can’t do much better than this Vault Apex 25, which can rest perfectly right in front of your laptop.

Apex has 25 full-size light weighted piano keys makes it a great choice for Live and Studios. It offers you a creative new way to come up with melodies and makes control over your DAW simpler.

Apex allows you to map each and every knob, buttons, keys or pads to any MIDI signal. In addition, you can choose from 6 different velocity curves for the keys, so you can customize the playability to your personal playing style. You can also customize many other software settings as detailed in the manual.

A quick look

· USB MIDI keyboard pad controller with LCD display

· Pitch shift and Modulation wheel assignable as 135 controllers

· 8 trigger pads with assignable knobs

· 6 buttons for MMC and 10 data entry buttons

· Plug and play, no need for driver installation

· LCD screen provides instant parameter feedback

Vault Apex integrates immediately with any DAW without any mapping whatsoever. It comes loaded with everything you need to start making music, it also includes Bitwig 8track DAW.

The simple layout is insanely easy-to-use.

See the price, specification and reviews for Vault Apex 25 here


Akai MPK mini 25 provides you with unparalleled access to your Software instrument, VST’s and effect collection. It gives access to the freedom to create in a user-friendly, intuitive format.

Now you can go mobile without losing control.

MPK mini is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the travelling musician and the desktop producer.

To make your production work much simpler it comes with software and instrument simulator to assist you in creating magical music.

A quick look

· Four-way thumbstick for pitch and modulation control

· Runs in standalone mode, to make music without a DAW

· Four memory banks enable you to store hardware/software presets

· Onboard arpeggiator with adjustable resolution, range, and modes

· A single USB connection to your Mac or PC

Akai MPK mini includes all the essentials you need for quickly laying down and expanding upon your musical ideas and start creating the magic.

See the price, specification and reviews for Akai MPK mini 25 here


Novation's Launchkey Mini packs quite a punch and is clearly designed with the modern, trendy and constantly moving composer in mind. It is also one of the finest mobile instruments, money can buy.

It may be a little small, but it is the whole and sole for creating new tones on your Ableton live without any clutter.

16 pads on the top, which you can use to launch clips and play beat patterns. All pads light up to show if the clip is being loaded, playing and getting recorded.

A quick look

· 16 multi-colour backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads

· 2 multi-colour backlit round buttons

· Micro USB socket

· Kensington security slot

As you can see, these models save on space and cost. It has features from all the high-end MIDIs which makes it a must-have gear for your studio

See the price, specification and reviews for Novation Launchkey Mini25 here


With features such as assignable knobs, pads, and a fader, Oxygen 25 gives you total control over your software, which will keep you engaged in the creative flow of your music making and mixing without reaching out to the mouse.

Most of the controllers these days have that USB feature as well, there are very few that have iOS connectivity for iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

But the M-Audio Oxygen does.

Setting up a MIDI controller with your software couldn’t get any easier than this.

A quick look

· Assignable fader lets you mix your productions with ease

· Transport buttons let you control your DAW without reaching for the mouse

· DirectLink automatically maps controls to popular DAWs: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and more

· USB-powered, plug-and-play support, and USB-MIDI connectivity

· Includes SONiVOX Twist, a powerful spectral morphing synthesizer.

The new M-Audio Oxygen series controllers offer more control, deep hardware/software integration, and come equipped with a reliable build that enables you to make music on the go or implement these controllers into any studio.

See the price, specification and reviews for M-Audio Oxygen 25 here


Easykey is a German designed MIDI controller. The aluminium body gives it a classic and simplistic look.

We would gladly recommend this solid keyboard to one who just needs to play the virtual synths or piano without the need to tweak any parameters and simply play & record.

Pitch and mod wheel are very smooth and it feels good using them, octave buttons are responsive and indicate which octave you are playing in.

This solid construction, while the keyboards are noticeably heavier than most competitive products, but you have the same feeling, something high quality is in the hands to hold.

A quick look

· 3-digit 7-segment display to show MIDI controller values ​​or the octave

· DATA knob, which can be assigned to any MIDI controller

· Pitch bend and modulation which can be used sensitively

· Powered by USB

· MIDI Out

While we wouldn’t recommend the Swissonic Easykey to everyone, it’s the obvious choice for keyboard players.

See the price, specification and reviews for Swisssonic Easykey25 here


Impact LX25+ stands out from the crowd, it is proven to be the best option for live performances. It is based on the award-winning LX49+ and LX61+, LX25+ provides you with auto mapping to give you a hands-on control in your jam session.

Impact LX25+ has a great feel and have influenced many artists to create some of their awesome tracks.

A quick look

· USB MIDI controller with intelligent mapping for all major DAWs

· Transport control

· 8 assignable performance pads

· 8 control knobs for hands-on control

· Comes pre-mapped and configured

Control settings can be stored in any of the 5 Impact LX25+ presets for recall at any time. And if you switch Null on, any parameter values are stored when you change presets so you avoid parameter jumping.

See the price, specification and reviews for Nektar Impact LX25+ here

After long research and hands-on testing, we think Vault Apex25 and Nektar Impact25+ is the best of all 25 key MIDI keyboard controller as it is easy to use, a very inexpensive possible way to get into creating music on your computer. The latest design which fits perfect for beginners to pro.

Making music using MIDI now has become easier. Other than the MIDI controller, all you need to get started is a DAW (digital audio workstation) software application to run on your computers such as Ableton Live, Apple GarageBand, or Image Line’s FL Studio. The MIDI controller sends commands to the computer over a USB connection. Then those commands control various aspects of virtual musical instruments that run as plug-ins within the DAW, then you can play any instrument from piano to drum on your software.

We hope this article on the top 8 best MIDI keyboard controllers for beginners must have given the idea on which will suit you the best.

There is much more to consider while purchasing and we know you might have many questions in your head till now, shoot us with it, speak to our Studio specialist for assistance without hesitating at +91-22-61235399 or mail them at Our specialist can be a valuable resource for you and their knowledge and expertise will help you decide with ease.

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