Diatonic Exercise No. 3 With George Salas

By July 21, 2015

Hey guys, this exercise involves 9ths up and down the fretboard using the lower strings. I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment! Tips:
  • Memorize your three shapes first.
  • Trwy and incorporate these into your on compositions!
  • The only different shapes (in a diatonic major key) will be your iii chord and vii dim chord. The rest (I-ii-IV-V-vi) will have the same shape.
  • Follow the picking pattern: D, D, U, D, D, U etc...
  • A 9th (Intervallically speaking) is the next diatonic note above your octave. We will be focusing on using the root, fifth and ninth.
You can download a free PDF of the lesson here. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson, please check out my other lessons. Please comment and rate my lesson. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help out! Thanks! About the Author: By George Salas. For more free lessons, please visit

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