Fender Introduces the Bassbreaker Series

By November 27, 2015

Fender-Bassbreaker With an eye to the past while still looking forward, Fender’s Bassbreaker series puts classic tones at your fingertips, with a few twists to offer up a wider palette of tones. They pay tribute to classic Bassman-style tones, but with EL84s or EL34s in the power amp, there’s a dash of British flavor in there. The flagship of the line, the Bassbreaker 45 is available as either a head or a combo and uses a ’59 Bassman circuit with EL34s to deliver an amp that’s touch sensitive and great with pedals, but with tight distortion that’s great for rock. And an output level knob lets you get full tube distortion at anywhere from a full 45 watts all the way down to one watt, making it perfect for studio or stage work. Next up is the EL84-powered Bassbreaker 18/30 combo, a 2-channel tone machine that gives you one channel of 30-watt Blackface Deluxe goodness and another at 18 watts based on the brown ’61 Deluxe. If lower-wattage amps are more your thing, the Bassbreaker series has you covered. The Bassbreaker 15 is a stellar choice for studio work. At 15 watts, you can push it to saturation at ear-friendly volumes or use the XLR line-out with switchable speaker emulation and power amp mute to capture true tube tones straight out of the amp. Rounding out the series is the Bassbreaker 007. Compact and travel friendly, the 007 shines at high-gain settings while still letting your guitar’s natural character shine through. And a treble-booster circuit gives you extra edge for solos. Both are available as a head or a combo. All Bassbreaker amps come in a sleek, dark-gray, lacquered tweed with a black grille cloth, and matching 1 x 12″ and 2 x 12″ cabs are available to complete the look and vibe of these cool additions to Fender’s legendary amp lineup.

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