Form Meets Function in Blue’s Lola Headphones

By November 19, 2015

LolaBk Featured Image With outstanding high-fidelity sound quality and incredible comfort provided by a unique design, the Lola over-ear headphones from Blue Microphones offer a great listening experience for both critical listening and casual enjoyment. One look tells you these aren’t generic headphones: the unique design was inspired by the suspension found on Formula One race cars, and we’ve found that it makes for an extremely comfortable fit no matter the size and shape of your head. The earcups are even shaped like ears for a more ergonomic fit and better isolation. Inside, Blue equips the Lola headphones with large 50mm drivers, which help extend the frequency response to an impressive 15Hz–20kHz. You’ll be able to hear the full range in detail, and the response is well balanced: no steroid-injected bass or ultra-hyped high end here. With these headphones, you can expect to make accurate mix decisions that will translate well to other listening systems. Lola headphones are an excellent choice for recording artists in the studio too; they’re comfortable even over long sessions, and the enhanced isolation helps prevent headphone bleed into your microphones. Blue Microphones originally proved their headphone prowess with Mo-Fi active headphones, and the Lola headphones show that Blue is committed to offering unique solutions that are enjoyable to use both in and out of the studio. For musicians, engineers, producers, and audiophiles alike, Lola headphones from Blue Microphones are definitely worth a listen. Call your Sales Engineer now!

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