Getting Started with your Acoustic Guitar

By Paresh Vijay April 13, 2020

Now that you have received your Guitar, here are a couple of things you need to check:

  1. If your guitar is said to come with accessories, check whether all of them are present.
  1. Slowly run your hand up and down the length of the guitar’s neck, as pictured below. It should be smooth, with no sharp edges or splinters.
run your hand up and down the length of the guitar’s neck
  1. Turn the guitar over and check its heel, as indicated in the image below. There should be no cracks or gaps between the guitar’s heel and neck.
check its heel
  1. On the front of the guitar, check the bridge, as in the image below. Run a thin pick between the bridge and the body of the guitar to ensure there are no gaps.
check the bridge
  1. Check the guitar’s string height by pressing down on the first, second, and third fret. You should be able to do so with minimal effort. Come to the 12th fret and press down. The distance from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string should be no more than three times. If it is five times, the guitar may have a warped neck or too high of a bridge. This warp can be fixed using the truss rod that comes along with the guitar. If you are not comfortable with fixing it, please contact our customer support
  1. Tune your guitar to standard tuning ( EADGBE )using a tuner or a mobile app. Play your guitar for sometime as due to make sure your guitar doesn't go out of tune
standard guitar tuning

Here are some common problems that musicians face when they recieve a new guitar:

Guitar String is broken.

In this case, contact the customer support immediately with images and video of the problem.

Got a damaged guitar

Contact the customer support immediately and provide them with all the required information.

It is also important that you keep your guitar in good shape and maintain it well. Click here to know how you can keep your guitar in great conditions.

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