How to buy a Ukulele

By December 11, 2015

Finding the right instrument for you is quite a task, there are so many choices and so many options to choose from. Even when you narrow down the specifics and pricing factors, there are so many instruments you can choose from in the same bracket. So how does one exactly choose a product? Today, with this article we will help you find the perfect instrument that fits your requirement, budget and is quite a companion for you, a perfect Ukulele in particular! There are many different sizes, woods, types, brands out in the market all at your disposal. With this guide we’ll explain the basic differences between types of Ukulele and figure out the best one for you! The first question you must ask yourself before purchasing a Ukulele is Which size of the Ukulele is suitable for me? ukutabs-ukulele-sizes Ukulele comes in four sizes, namely: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. Soprano is a small sized Ukulele which is traditionally about 20 inches or 51 cm long. Over the time Soprano has gained quite some popularity among the beginners. This is the most common choice for musicians looking to take up learning Ukulele. Concert Ukuleles are one size bigger than Sopranos, 23 inches or 58 cms to be precise. The body is bigger, the neck is longer, there are more frets and that makes a Concert Ukulele easier to handle. Quite recently one of the sizes that are becoming popular is Tenor. At 26 inches or 66 cms, it strays a little bit from classic Ukulele sound and moves a little into the classical guitar sound area. Many professional artists prefer using a Tenor Ukulele for its specific qualities. The biggest Ukulele you’ll come across is a 30 inch or 76 cm long Baritone. With deeper tones and sounds, it looks and sounds like a classic guitar than a Ukulele. This is also one of the least popular ukuleles among musicians due to its guitar like qualities. Now that you know which size is the most suitable for you, you would want to research a bit about the wood your Ukulele is made of. As a musician, it is really important to do your research about the instrument you are looking to buy. Now you might already know the different kind of woods used to make a Ukulele, they are: Mahogany, Monkeypod, Mango, Kao, Rosewood and Cedar. In this guide, we will be covering the common ones used, which are Kao, Mahogany and Spruce. Most common wood from Hawaii used in Ukuleles is Kao. With beautiful grain, warm sound Kao wood is just simply amazing and not to mention, expensive. Mahogany on the other hand is the middle end of ukulele. Ukuleles made by Mahogany are usually softer in than Koa wood Ukuleles, this is a great choice for musicians looking to buy less expensive but solid Ukuleles. Other than Koa and Mahogany, Spruce is one of the best options for low end Ukuleles. Now that you’ve made up your mind on the matters of Size and Wood, which brand will be preferable you may ask? There are many brands you can choose from, such as Ashton, Ibanez, Cherub and Honer are among the best brands you can buy a Ukulele from! Ashton UKE100 Ukulele Fender T-Bucket Tenor Ukulele with Flame Maple Top and Rosewood Fingerboard - 3-Color SunburstIbanez UKS10 Ukulele We recommend you to buy ASHTON UKE100 UKULELE if you are a beginner, Ashton Ukulele is one of the most famous Ukulele’s among beginners for their smooth sound quality and tones. On the other hand, IBANEZ UKS10 UKULELE is the perfect companion for mid-level artists looking to upgrade to a new level. Whereas, FENDER T-BUCKET TENOR UKULELE is perfect for professionals looking for warm classical guitar tones. Visit for more information on Ukuleles or call us on +91-22-6105438. Now go play!

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