How to Clean a Mic

By October 09, 2015

You’ve finally invested in a high-quality vocal microphone, and your voice has never sounded better. Unfortunately, the keyboard player in your band decides he wants to use your mic during his featured rap. You cringe as he practically eats the microphone. You can barely watch as he encourages audience members to scream into the mic. Then someone drops it on the beer-soaked floor. Afterwards, he returns your mic, still operational but considerably wetter and well,gross. Microphones are subject to an inordinate amount of abuse, especially in live music. Grilles and foam windscreens can become saturated with saliva, clogged with lipstick, and will even absorb the smell of smoke. Regular cleaning of your microphone will not only improve its performance, but is also good hygiene. This video featuring Chris Lyons and John Born will give you a simple and effective technique for cleaning microphones.

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