Learn On Adding 5ths And Octaves To Licks And Lines - Bass Lesson By Scott Whitley

By April 27, 2015

The aim of this lesson is to take licks, scales, bass lines etc that you already know and turn them into something new and cool by simply adding 5ths or octaves. If you don't know what a 5th or an octave is, for the sake of this lesson don't worry (the idea is not to get bogged down in theory for this one)! I'll show you in the video what they are and just how easy they are to visualize and remember on the fingerboard. It's a pattern thing - the 5th is always 1 string down and 2 frets up from the root, the octave 2 strings down and 2 frets up. As always have fun with it! Scott. Click here to go to BAJAAO. About the Author: By Scott Whitley

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