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By September 22, 2015

BAJAAO has always been about passion, passion that drives us to pursue what we want do with our music and for years we’ve been just that. You probably know BAJAAO as a company selling musical instruments, studio gear and pro-audio equipments. From the nascent days of NOC – India’s first 24/7 practice studio for musicians - budding musicians from all over the city came in large numbers to jam with their band, with others or just by themselves. There are many musicians at BAJAAO who have worked and played along with us for years, following their passion, making the best of both worlds! While it may seem unreal, it actually is very real. With ventures like B69 – India’s first venue for independent music artists and BIG69 – India’s largest Metal Festival, Bajaao has come a long way. We aren’t some simple corporate e-commerce company that believes in corporate rules, rather we believe in being different than other, involving a much fun culture than most of the other companies you will come across. We have all sorts of musicians and creative brainiacs at work, making BAJAAO a much better place to be in. Himanshu Vaswani, Business Head says I have always pictured myself working in the music industry with a job that not only makes money but a difference as well. That's exactly the vision we started off with. BAJAAO Entertainment has come a long way from being a silent supporter to a flag bearer. We have worked with more than 200 artists and over 500 shows over the past 3 years. We have managed to put together a team of loyal musicians and audience with a strong business sense. The job satisfaction of working with likeminded individuals and creating new ideas while carefully sculpting an industry out of a scene is unparalleled. Not many organizations manage to ethically stick to a challenging vision with a stable growth plan. BAJAAO continues to go from strength to strength as it expands its operations, finding new ways to better itself. Here's celebrating 10 beautiful years and many more to come!” Likeminded and passionate for music, rings a bell doesn’t it? We are sure you can relate to our employees who are just as passionate for music as you are! Pratika Prabhune, Content Executive has to say,” I've known Ashu since he started the country's first ever music rehearsal space in a small gala in Apollo Industrial Estate, Old Nagardas Road. With a growing inventory on the mezzanine floor of gala no. 7, to Mumbai's most cult venue for underground music 'B69', the struggle was real. Ashu gave it his all, always going out of his way to keep music alive. India's biggest heavy metal festival BIG69 was a huge leap for BAJAAO Entertainment, something we'll remember for the rest of our lives. With a legacy of supporting the underground and independent music scene, all of us are proud of what BAJAAO is today. Three cheers to the man who made it happen” Not just people who were associated with BAJAAO as musicians have joined our team, but people who were once our customers have become a part of this legacy too. One of them is Shubham Sharma, made his first ever purchase from BAJAAO back in 2008, Shubham now Manages theContent & Digital Marketing at BAJAAO, and the journey has been amazing he says. “Back in 2008, I had ordered a set of strings. Later I ordered multiple accessories and a few guitars, by the years I'd spoken to a lot of product specialists at BAJAAO and always admired their knowledge and all the help they lent me out. When I was first saw that BAJAAO was hiring, though I was really comfortable in an MNC, felt an urge to apply for it. When I was called for interview, my objective was not only to crack the interview but to meet and find the faces behind BAJAAO and the people I have been talking to over the years. Working has never been so much fun. To my surprise almost all the people who work here are musicians so getting along was never a problem. One year into the job and I can already feel at home. Needless to mention the office environment is totally chill. Music keeps flowing all the day. 10 years of awesomeness and BAJAAO and people behind BAJAAO who contributed to these 10 glorious years totally rock! Now go Play!” He adds. From people across different backgrounds, BAJAAO brings together likeminded people to help the musician community to allow them to follow their dream and passion to the fullest! More from BAJAAO Employees. Denver Fernandes, Creative Head ­– To most people, it’s plainly evident what BAJAAO has done over the past 10 years for the music scene. More than what it is as a company as a whole, the people are what stand out. They are a blend like no other, but the one thing they all have in a couple of things in common. For one, everyone is straightforward in what they have to say, which I value. For another thing, to the public, it seems like a glamorous job, but it’s a whole lot of hard work which everyone has dedicated most of their waking lives towards, to make exciting things happen. Sherya Sanzgiri, Senior Sales Executive – I always imagined myself working at a place where work wasn’t just about getting things done, but also about making a difference along the way. And that’s exactly what I have been doing for almost 2 years now. BAJAAO has built and cultivated a team that cares about what they do. I am proud to be a part of a team that has been making a positive impact on the Indian music scene for the past 10 years, and one that is going to continue to do so for a long, long time. Anoop Sebastian, Senior Sales Executive – Bajaao has been the lifeline to the independent music scene since Ashu started it off in 2006. He built a team that is the most understanding to musicians, and which also has a bunch of musicians working in it! And then came the jam room NOC - the place where bands spawned, which boosted the independent music circuit in so many ways. After the gig drought that happened when Razz shut down, 'B69' was the answer! Again, what an important role it has played in all our lives. B69 became my 2nd home, my learning ground as a Live Sound Engineer! And now "BIG69"!! I'm proud to be a part of the entertainment department! We are going to take the independent music scene to another level! Standing by… Bhanuj Kappal, Content Head – In my ten years of covering and being a part of the independent music scene, BAJAAO has been a constant. From NOC in 2005, to becoming the country's first and best known online retailer for music gear, to the city's best underground venue B69, BAJAAO has always been a supporting presence for the indie scene. Since I joined BAJAAO Entertainment last year, we've pulled off the country's biggest metal festival BIG69 and executed a number of very exciting projects. Here's to many more such projects to come. Life at BAJAAO, where we work not just to make money, but to follow our dreams!

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